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Fat Loss vs Weight Loss. Know the Difference!

Published on Jul 19, 2023

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss. Know the Difference!
Weight loss is often viewed from a one-dimensional point of view. Most of us look at it as losing weight = staying healthy, which is only half the truth. The other half of the spectrum, which is fat loss, holds equal importance.
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The real weight loss and fat loss difference is that the former means loss of muscle, water, and fat, while the latter signifies loss of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. These types of fats are ideally accumulated under the belly or present internally around the organs.

One can take the weight loss path but the individual won’t necessarily be considered as healthy because they might still have excess fatty tissues. However, people who lose fat can be considered healthy as their major body composition comprises muscles and healthy tissues.

Distinguishing between the two can get challenging at times. Thus, we’ve broken down the key difference between weight loss vs fat loss in detail in this blog.

What is Weight Loss?

To grasp fat loss vs weight loss differentiation better, let’s understand both terminologies one by one. Weight loss can be defined as the reduction of the overall body weight. In simpler terms, it refers to the overall drop in the kilo weight. Some lose weight due to hormonal imbalance, different amounts of dietary fiber consumption, varying sodium intake, and food, while others follow a proper diet for the same. 

Weight loss can be healthy if a correct dietary plan is followed under experts’ supervision so that no essential nutrients or minerals are lost in the body. However, there are cases where folks burn good calories and end up feeling weak. 

So, following a strict, supervised regime is the key to losing weight correctly.

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What is Fat Loss?

Not understanding fat loss properly is where many of us go wrong. It is defined as the loss of excess subcutaneous and visceral fat that is accumulated around the belly and internal organs.

Those who lose fat and still weigh the same are often considered healthy as their body breaks down visceral fat effectively and builds up healthy tissues, muscles, and fibers. Thus, fitness experts mostly recommend individuals to focus on fat reduction instead of choosing weight loss.

However, we cannot simply measure fat loss by stepping on a regular weighing scale. The process is somewhat different as given below.

Tape Measure

Fat loss exercises will help in reducing weight. However, to measure the progress, one can use a simple tape. People can use the tape around the waist circumference to get a sense if they’re losing belly fat or not.

Skinfold Calipers

The calipers are metal tools that pinch on the fat to take a tissue sample. It helps measure how much fat one actually has. The calipers are more accurate than a tape measure but are challenging to use correctly.

Body Fat Scale

A few step-on scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis to estimate one’s body fat. This helps you find out the total fat percentage accurately.

How to Lose Fat Effectively? Quick Tips!

Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s dream. So, how can you lose fat the correct way? Find out here.

Control Your Calories

To lose fat, one needs to consume fewer calories than what the body requires. This ensures that your body starts burning off the excess fat stored which eventually translates into fat loss.

However, one must remember that the fat loss needs to be gradual. A crash diet will backfire and make your body weak instantly. One can start off with a calorie-deficit diet of around 800 calories every day and gradually increase the deficit every 10-15 days.

Follow a Protein-Rich Diet

Proteins keep the metabolism revved up in your body. It acts as the building block of the muscle tissue. One must focus on increasing the consumption of protein food items - ensuring that during the fat-loss process, there is no reduction in muscle mass. This will give you a fit and lean body composition.

The ideal protein intake recommendation as per the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) given by the National Institutes of Health is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. If a person weighs 85 kg, then their daily protein intake needs to be close to 70 grams.

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Balance Cardio and Strength

An ideal fat-loss regime involves a good mix of cardio and strength. One cannot simply be a hot-headed, gym fanatic and just focus on strength-based exercises. What about heart health? Heavy exercise doesn’t necessarily translate into good heart health.

One needs to balance strength with cardio. Running, bicycling, brisk walking, skipping, or hopping on the elliptical are some of the recommended exercises by experts around the world. Following this hybrid approach will help keep the heart happy while the muscles get toned simultaneously.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss | Which Regime is the Best? 

Weight loss comprises muscle and water loss which can prove to be detrimental over time, if not kept in check. Contrary to the same, fat loss helps decrease chronic diseases, reduce muscle mass loss, and tackle inflammation. This ensures that the priority is given to fat loss rather than muscle loss. 

Focusing on the fat loss regime further ensures that the fat-to-muscle ratio is well-balanced for holistic well-being. Other ways to prioritize fat loss are by consuming plenty of protein, exercising, as well as restricting your calories with precision.

In conclusion, to answer the question, which is better: weight loss or fat loss? It's fat loss. The fat loss regime delivers precise and accurate results when compared to routine weight loss strategies. One must always remember that the end goal is to stay healthy and live a quality life.

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