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6 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss, Immunity, and Cholesterol

Published on Feb 27, 2023

6 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss, Immunity, and Cholesterol

As the temperature begins to rise and the days get longer, there's nothing quite like a refreshing summer drink to cool you down and quench your thirst. From fruity mocktails to icy cocktails, summer drinks come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. But these summer drinks fail to provide you with the right punch of nutrition that your summer body needs from within. 

The solution lies in Ayurveda! Ayurvedic juices are healthy alternatives for refreshing summer drinks that are high in calories & sweetness. It’s a great way to help our bodies stay healthy and balanced during summer.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, nutrients help boost our immunity, improve digestion, and support overall health during the summer season as potential summer drinks but dazed with health benefits.

Ayurvedic juices also help detoxify our body and eliminate toxins that can accumulate due to heat, pollution, and unhealthy eating habits. In addition, they help to improve liver function, promote healthy bowel movements, and support the body's natural detoxification processes.

In today’s blog, we’ll help you understand a few ayurvedic juices that can be consumed as summer drinks to help our body in summer by providing a cooling effect, hydration, nutrients, and detoxification. But first, let’s understand the changes that occur in our bodies during summer. 

What Happens to Our Bodies in Summer? 

According to Ayurveda, the body goes through specific changes in the summer due to the increase in the Pitta dosha (one of the three doshas or energies that govern the body) during this season.

Here are some of the expected changes that occur in the body during the summer season:

  • Increased heat: Summer is the time when the sun is at its peak, which leads to an increase in heat in the body. This can cause dehydration, exhaustion, and other heat-related health problems.
  • Increased sweating: To regulate body temperature, the body produces more sweat in the summer. This can lead to dehydration, loss of electrolytes, and imbalances in the body's fluids.
  • Digestive issues: Pitta dosha is responsible for digestion, and an increase in Pitta during summer can lead to digestive issues such as acidity, heartburn, and inflammation of the digestive tract.
  • Skin problems: The skin is more prone to sunburn, rashes, and acne during summer due to increased heat and humidity.
  • Fatigue: The heat can also cause fatigue and exhaustion in the body, leading to decreased energy levels and productivity.

To counteract these effects, Ayurveda recommends a cooling and balancing diet, staying hydrated, and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun. Some cooling food for summer season in Ayurvedic Aahar include coconut water, watermelon, cucumber, coriander, and mint. Additionally, we suggest consuming various juices that care of your overall health.

6 Ayurvedic Refreshing Summer Drinks for Weight Loss, Hydration, Digestion, and Cholesterol

Wondering if you can really use Ayurvedic juices as your go-to summer drink? Well, if they are delicious, healthy & a powerpack of nutrients, why not? 

The below-mentioned ayurvedic summer drinks will help you in weight management, digestion, liver care, cholesterol & more. 

1) Best Amla Juice - The Power of Amla

Tangy, refreshing, rich source of vitamins B & C. Amla juice is a popular Ayurvedic drink that is enjoyed during the summer season. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, providing various health benefits. Amla juice has a cooling effect on the body, which can help to reduce heat and inflammation during the hot summer months. It is also a great source of hydration, as it contains a high amount of water. It can help to keep your body hydrated and maintain optimal fluid balance.

This magical summer drink is rich in antioxidants, which help to protect your skin from damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Along with promoting healthy liver function, the best amla juice also helps relieve constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues that may arise during the summer season.

Give this Cool Amla Summer Drink a try this summer and enjoy its refreshing and nourishing benefits!

2) The Healing Catalyst - Giloy ka Juice

Giloy, also known as Tinospora cordifolia, is a medicinal plant in Ayurveda for its long-term health benefits. Giloy is known for its immune-boosting properties. It can help strengthen your immune system and protect you from infections and diseases during summer. Dr. Vaidya’s Giloy ka Juice is specially curated to provide liver detox & quick recovery from illness. Definitely a catalyst that aggravates healing! 

Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and asthma that aggravates during the summer season. In summary, Giloy juice can be a great summer drink with many health benefits.

3) The Hero of Our Lives - Aloe Vera Drink 

Aloe vera drink has been a popular Ayurvedic remedy for centuries for its various health benefits. It is commonly consumed during the summer months as it helps cool the body and relieve the heat.

To make Ayurvedic aloe vera drink, you will need fresh aloe vera leaves, water, and any natural sweetener of your choice, such as honey or stevia.

But not anymore! Dr. Vaidya’s ayurvedic professionals have accomplished all this for you in an excellent potion of sugar-free, pure ayurvedic extracts that is 100% soluble.

Dr. Vaidya’s aloe vera juice is the right potion to derive the wellness of Ayurveda and live a holistic lifestyle. Read more about Aloe Vera’s benefits on your body here.

4) The Best Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a popular natural remedy for weight loss. The best apple cider vinegar for weight loss is made from fermented apples and contains acetic acid, which provides various health benefits, including weight loss. However, its taste is disliked and gives a vomiting sensation on consumption.

Looking at this issue, the Ayurvedic Experts at Dr. Vaidya’s have introduced their own Apple Cider Vinegar juice With Garcinia, Raw Turmeric & Honey. With added natural flavours borrowed from Honey, Cinnamon & Lemon, their ACV juice doesn’t have a pungent smell or cause a vomiting sensation. 

Your next go-to summer drink that’ll also keep a check on your weight & digestion makes this the Jadibutti to happy health! 

Why does Apple cider vinegar for weight loss work best? It helps with Appetite suppression, Metabolism boost, blood sugar control & reduced fat storage. 

5) The Secret to a Good Gut - Triphala Juice

The chikitsa of Triphala in ayurveda has huge prominence due to its Ayurvedic preparation made from three fruits: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. It is a popular health tonic enjoyed during the summer season & throughout the year.

Triphala juice has several advantages as a summer beverage, including lowering abdominal fat by boosting metabolism and detoxifying lipids. It is especially beneficial for digestive and gastrointestinal health. As it has been demonstrated to aid in bowel motions, hunger stimulation, and the decrease of hyperacidity, Triphala is widely used for digestion.

You can consume 30 ml of natural Triphala Juice with a glass of water, and your healthy summer drink is ready. 

6) Cholesterol Suppressor - Wheatgrass Juice

No more cravings for sweet packaged soft drinks or colas. Triticum aestivum, the botanical name for wheatgrass, is recognized as a superfood.

This summer drink is a must for people with high cholesterol. Wheatgrass juice is a popular health drink made from the young shoots of the wheat plant. It is known for its high nutrient content and potential health benefits like cholesterol regulation, digestion, detoxification and immunity.

This natural refreshing summer drink will help you hydrate your body & take care of your cholesterol levels. Wheatgrass juice also cures the respiratory tract & helps fight the flu & other respiratory disorders.

Dr. Vaidya's Wheatgrass Juice is made entirely of natural and high-quality freshly sprouted wheatgrass. It is the best detox refreshing drink that boosts digestion and immunity and helps in cholesterol regulation.


The summer season also brings in viral fever & cold due to exposure to natural heat and intake of air-conditioned air. The body constantly adjusts, and many people are prone to catch a cold & runny nose due to constant changes in heat & cold. Hence Ayurvedic Juices are the best medicine to stay healthy during summer. We hope this blog will help you sort your summer drinks menu and take a plunge at trying new flavours of nature as you welcome the new season.

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