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Swarna Bhasma

Published on Mar 17, 2021

Swarna Bhasma Benefits

Swarna bhasma is a finely ground powder made from pure gold that provides several therapeutic benefits.

This post will focus on Swarna bhasma, its benefits, and its use in new age Ayurvedic medicine.

What Is Swarna Bhasma?

Swarna bhasma (Calx of Gold) can be translated into Gold ash and has been mentioned in ancient medical Indian, Arabic, and Chinese literature dating back to 2500 BC.

95% Swarna Bhasma in Shilajit Gold

In Ayurved, Swarna bhasma is said to combat Rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, and nervous system diseases. Swarna bhasma powder is recommended to be taken orally when mixed with ghee, honey, or milk. However, many ancient formulations and new age Ayurved supplements also incorporate Swarna bhasma for its many benefits.

There have also been studies that found Swarna bhasma to contain nanoparticles that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This allows you to experience faster results when taking supplements or Ayurvedic treatments which incorporate Swarna bhasma.

Top 10 Swarna Bhasma Health Benefits:

The health benefits of Swarna bhasma are numerous and the reason for its popularity in new age Ayurved.

  1. Improves heart health: Swarna bhasma is said to help improve blood flow and strengthen the heart muscles. It can also regulate blood pressure while helping to cleanse and detoxify the arteries and veins.
  2. Combats indigestion: Swarna bhasma helps clear the toxic accumulations within the body to combat the microbial infections in the stomach lining that cause indigestion.
  3. Treats fevers and infections: Swarna bhasma has antipyretic properties that can help treat fevers and infections. It has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for fevers for centuries.
  4. Purifies blood: A less known benefit of Swarna bhasma is its ability to act as a blood purifier by removing toxins from the blood.
  5. Improves mental health: Swarna bhasma has anti-stress and anti-depression properties which can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It works by reducing inflammation in the brain while also supporting brain health.
  6. Treats TB (Tuberculosis): Swarna bhasma has anti-toxin, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties that can counter TB-causing bacteria in the initial stage.
  7. Relieves conjunctivitis symptoms: Swarna bhasma helps reduce and relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis including the well-known itching, redness, and burning sensations.
  8. Improves immunity: Swarna bhasma strengthens your immune system using its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It also helps relieve immune-deficiency symptoms like fatigue, fever, muscle mass loss, and weakness.
  9. Inhibits tumour and cancer growth: Swarna bhasma is claimed to have immunity-boosting properties that also work to combat the growth of tumours or cancers.
  10. Improves sexual wellness: Swarna bhasma is well-known for its positive effect on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It can also boost sexual stamina and sperm count while acting as a natural aphrodisiac.

Swarna Bhasma Side Effects:

Swarna bhasma, when prepared with the right Ayurvedic methods, is considered to be safe to consume. When compared to other gold salts, Swarna bhasma is the safest options.

Precautions when using Swarna Bhasma

When using Swarna Bhasma, there are a few precautions you should take:

  • You should talk to your Ayurvedic doctor about the right dosage of Swarna bhasma for your body consistency and health problem
  • Swarna Bhasma may lower blood glucose levels. So, if you are diabetic and are taking it, make sure you are regularly monitoring your sugar levels. 
  • Those with heart disease should consult their doctor before using it. 

Final Word:

Swarna bhasma is prepared with nano-sized particles of pure gold using a specialised Ayurvedic method. It is well-known for its wide range of therapeutic benefits. However, experts suggest taking this ingredient along with other active ingredients to elevate the potential benefits. So, most places you can find Swarna bhasma online will have it as part of a supplement. At Dr Vaidya’s, Swarna bhasma is integrated with several performance-boosting ingredients in Shilajit Gold Capsules.


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