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Dr. Vaidya's Stress Relief
Stress Relief Benefits for reduce stress & anxiety. promotes sound sleep.
Stress Relief dosage to reduce stress & anxiety
Stress Relief natural herbs
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Stress Relief: Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress & Anxiety

For sound sleep and relief from stress & anxiety
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Key Ingredients - Stress Relief

Ashwagandha Ashwagandha to reduce stress

Reduces stress & anxiety

Jatamansi Atamansi to calm mind

Calms & relaxes mind

Brahmi Brahmi

Improves focus & clarity

Tagar Tagar

Promotes sound sleep

Other ingredients: Sarpagandha, Shankhpushpi, Mukta Pishti, Kapurkachali, Ushir

How to Use Stress Relief

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product. This product is of premium quality. This capsule does not cause any harmful effects. This capsule improves strength and stamina. Keep you healty. This capsule also boosts immunity. Delivery is also on time.

Yogesh sharma

Highly effective capsules from vaidya. It revitalizes mind and body and relieves stress and anxiety. It also helps in building immunity and helps in strengthening muscles. I have been using these capsules for a few days now and already feeling the energy. Highly recommended product.


Vaidya stress relief product is one of the best quality product. This is made of pure extract , does not cause any harmful effects. This relieves stress and anxiety. Keep your mind and body fresh. This capsule also boosts immunity. improves strength and muscles.

Saurabh baheti

I must say, vaidya always gets the best natural products. A good product to use for boosting inmunity. Safe and dependable brand. I used these tablets for immunity purpose and i can feel the effects in a few days. Ashwagandha has its properties to strengthen immune system. Overall a good safe product to use. Especially during winters. These tablet forms of ashwagamdha are easy to use and no side effects. It is also a stress reliving herb. Helps in feeling relaxed.

Bunny Aggarwal

Best product. Even the packaging was good. I buyed it specially for my grandpa as he is in anxiety and it is much helpful in it. Capsules are also in good quantity as compared per price. Must buy it has much benifits.