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Your Dosha test

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1. My body frame and bone structure is:
(a) Thin
(b) Medium Sized
(c) Broad, Strong and heavy

2. My body weight is:
(a) Light, Lean, Erratic (fluctuating) and difficult to gain
(b) Moderate weight, tend to have balaced weight
(c) Tend to gain weight easily, need to work hard to reduce weight

3. The colour of my skin is:
(a) Naturally dark and tans easily
(b) Light, pinkish, fair, yellowish or freckled(spotted)
(c) Evenly toned with a rich, smooth and milky quality

4. The type of my skin is:
(a) Dry, rough, chapped and cold
(b) Sensitive to touch, burns easily in sun, gets red and patched with heat, oily
(c) Thick, soft, moist and cool

5. The type of my hair is:
(a) Dry, rough, tends to break easily, curly and fizzy
(b) Light coloured, early greying, thinning and fine thin
(c) thick, lustrous and oily

6. My eyes are:
(a) Small, dark in colour, rowing gaze
(b) Medium sized, light coloured, fierce or sharp gaze
(c) Large, rich blue or brown, easily moist on gaze

7. The type of temperature I prefer:
(a) Feel cold, so love warmth
(b) Feel easily overheated so prefer cool climates
(c) Does not get disturbed by heat or cold, but prefer warm weather

8. My appetite (hunger) is:
(a) Varies, irregular, want to eat more but cannot eat
(b) Good, regular, get irritable or burning in stomach when very hungry
(c) Eat Heartily, may emotionally overheat

9. My digestion capacity and evacuation of stools is:
(a) Variable, Irregular and Constipation
(b) Regular to fast digestion, burning sensation is digestive tract
(c) Regular, slow

10. My physical activity/ energy level is:
(a) Very active, extreme ups & downs, restless
(b) Moderate, even, focused and well-paced
(c) Lethargic, hard to start and good edurance

11. My sleep pattern is:
(a) Restless, short sleep, fluctuates
(b) Moderate, sometimes sound
(c) Heavy, always around

12. My mental condition is:
(a) Restless, active and creative
(b) Focused, aggresive and intelligent
(c) Calm, stable and a good long term memory

13. General condition is:
(a) Cheerful, adaptive, changeable and acoomodative
(b) Clearheaded, practical, logical and assertive
(c) Calm, patient, serious and passive

14. Emotional Condition (your negative feelings):
(a) Fealful, Insecure and anxious
(b) Frustrated, irritable and jealous
(c) Deep attachment and grief

15. The style of speech is:
(a) Fast, jump from one idea to another, talk a lot and no steady tone
(b) Focused, impatient tones, in short, logical and talk moderately
(c) Slow, monosyllabic, talk little

16. My movement style is:
(a) Quick, speedy and reach immediately
(b) Well-placed, direct, moves from one point to another
(c) Slower, moves as little as possible, flowing movement