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Sex Life Post Pregnancy

Sex Life Post Pregnancy

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Sex Life Post Delivery

Post pregnancy sex can be different and even difficult for some women. There are several complications that can arise after conceiving a child. This can impact the sex life after baby as women experience low libido, stress and anxiety, and low energy. With Dr. Vaidya’s products for sex life post-delivery, you can reduce the complications and fasten the recovery process to get your sex life back on track. Let’s discuss some of the sex power medicines for females after childbirth:

Features of Ayurvedic Medicines for Sex Life after Baby

My Prash Post Delivery

Many new parents struggle with having a stable sex life after baby. From the recovery period to taking care of their newborn, new mothers have to manage a lot. While we always recommend resuming sex only after you are comfortable, our product MyPrash for Post Delivery Care can help speed up and stabilise the recovery process. Along with the benefits of a regular chyawanprash, MyPrash for Post delivery care contains amla that helps with post-childbirth recovery and immunity. It helps improve energy levels as Shauktik in MyPrash strengthens bones and muscles. It provides the required recovery and energy to be able to have sex after delivery.

Mood Boost

Several couples complain that sex has stopped after the baby. While the body recovers, building interest in sex takes time. It is natural for women to wait for 1 to 3 months post-pregnancy. However, if you still find no interest in sex after baby, you can try our Mood Boost Capsules. They support hormonal balance and provide stamina and energy. Ashok, a potent herb known to boost female libido, also helps improve female sensitivity naturally.

Many women go through postpartum stress or even depression which can be a rough period for them. The ayurvedic herbs in Mood Boost help combat anxiety and stress caused during the post-delivery period.


If you are diagnosed with PCOS, chances are that its symptoms may return after childbirth. PCOS is also directly related to low sex drive, anxiety and stress. PCOS Care can help manage the symptoms of PCOS and help with a stable sex life after baby. The medicine contains Shatavari which revitalises the female reproductive system while Kanchanar Guggul regulates the menstrual cycle post-delivery. The medicine helps with a hormonal balance that helps with sex after delivery.

Period Wellness

The first postpartum period can be heavier and more painful than before pregnancy. This can impact the health and overall well-being of a new mother and result in no interest in sex after baby. Consuming Period Wellness capsules after delivery can help reduce period pain and cramps, and control excessive bleeding. The medicine regulates hormonal balance and supports reproductive health that helps with resuming sex life after baby.


Q.How to increase excitement in females after delivery?

It is recommended to resume sex only after your body has fully recovered from pregnancy. However, if the sex has stopped after baby, for a long time, you can consume Dr. Vaidya’s Mood Boost. They are formulated to help women with increased libido, reduce anxiety and increase stamina.

Q. Do women's arousal pills work?

Yes, female arousal pills help with boosting mood and reducing anxiety and stress. If you have recently given birth to your child, we suggest not consuming high dosage allopathic sex power medicines for females as they have multiple side effects that can result in worse conditions. Dr. Vaidya’s has a range of ayurvedic products that are made specifically for arousal for women after conceiving as they do not have any known side effects and are made using only natural ingredients.

Q. Will these medicines cause any side-effects to my baby?

All of Dr. Vaidya’s medicines for sex life after baby are safe to consume as they contain only natural ingredients and have no known side-effects. Even as a breastfeeding mother, they will not cause harm to your child. However, if you do see any symptoms, you should stop the medicine immediately and consult your physician or our ayurvedic doctors.

Q. Are there any side-effects of eating MyPrash for Post Delivery Care?

MyPrash for Post Delivery Care has no known side effects when taken as per the recommended dosage. Consuming MyPrash along with a good diet can help you return to your pre-pregnancy body without worrying about any side effects.

Q. Should I take the PCOS Care capsule before food or after food?

It is advised to take the PCOS treatment medication after meals to witness the best results.

Q. Is first sex painful after delivery?

First sex after birth can result in pain. As per a study by The International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, nearly 75% of women experience painful sexual intercourse after giving birth. If you are struggling with painful sex, we recommend taking a pause for a while and consuming MyPrash for Post Delivery Care which helps with postpartum recovery of the body and reproductive system.

Q. How long till sex is comfortable after birth?

There is no fixed duration for every woman to feel comfortable with their sex life after baby. We recommend you take at least four to six weeks after delivery, regardless of delivery method. If you still do not feel comfortable, you should listen to your body and pause intercourse for a longer period.

Q. Are there any sex tips after baby for safety?

Sex after childbirth is a different experience than regular intercourse. Here are some of the sex tips after the baby that can help you make the process easier:

  • Always wait for the recommended duration to resume sex.
  • While taking care of the child becomes the highest priority, it is important that you take time out for sex.
  • Talk to your partner & discuss with them about what feels comfortable and what doesn’t.
  • Practice yoga and Kegels to rebuild the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Q. Are there any sex power medicines for females?

    Dr. Vaidya’s Mood Boost is a great solution for increasing female libido and stamina for sex. The medicine, when consumed along with MyPrash for post-delivery care, can be especially helpful with post-delivery sex as it helps recover the reproductive system and improve mood.

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