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Acidity Medicine

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Ayurvedic Medicines for Acid Reflux

Acidity is an issue with which a lot of us struggle. Stomach acid can cause inflammation, discomfort, nausea, heartburn and even chronic issues. We at Dr. Vaidya’s have formulated ayurvedic medicines for acid reflux that can help control the symptoms and reduce its impact in the long term. Let us read in detail:

Features of Ayurvedic Medicine for Acid Reflux

Dr. Vaidya’s Acidity Relief is a 100% natural and fast-acting ayurvedic medicine for acid reflux. It helps treat acidity, heartburn, gas and other alleviating GERD symptoms. The fast-acting formula provides relief from acidity and maintains optimum pH levels and strengthens digestion. Potent ingredients like Shankha Bhasma, Avipattikar Churna, and Amla help with acid reflux and heartburn.


Q. Why choose Acidity Relief Tablet?

Dr. Vaidya's Acidity Relief is a unique ayurvedic medicine for acid reflux that is made using science-based 14 natural Ayurvedic ingredients that work on the root cause of acidity and other digestion-related issues.

Q. Are there any side effects?

No, the ayurvedic medicine for gas and acidity is 100% vegetarian and includes only naturally occurring herbs. Thus, there are no known side effects of Acidity Relief tablets.

Q. Is it safe to use when pregnant?

We do not recommend pregnant women to consume the Acidity Relief medicine. However, pregnant women should consult our expert doctors before taking any medicinal formulation.

Q. What herb is good for acid reflux?

Ayurvedic herbs like Avipattikar Churna and Shankha Bhasma help regulate acid secretion while Mukta Pishti is known to provide quick relief from heartburn. Amla is also an acidity ayurvedic remedy that brings long-term relief from acidity and heartburn.

Q. How can I reduce acid reflux naturally?

You can naturally reduce acid reflux by eating a ripe banana and avoiding trigger foods that can lead to acid reflux. Daily lifestyle changes like wearing loose-fitting clothes, resisting the urge to overeat, avoiding late meals, reduce smoking and stress can help you get relief from acidity in a natural way.

Q. Is Ayurvedic medicine good for acidity?

Yes, you can rely on Ayurveda for acidity as the natural herbs and ingredients help subdue the excessive Pitta dosha responsible for causing hyperacidity. It also provides relief from heartburn and gas.

Q. Which fruit is good for acid reflux?

All melons are great for acid reflux, you can consume Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Honeydew as they are low on acid and work best to provide relief from acid reflux.

Q. What is immediate relief for acid reflux?

You can consume Acidity Relief, ayurvedic medicine for acid reflux, that provides instant relief from acidity and helps treat the problem from its roots so you do begin to see fewer episodes of acidity with its regular consumption.

Q. How do you normalize stomach acid?

You can normalize stomach acid by consuming the right food and making active changes to your lifestyle. However, if you are looking for a quick and safe solution, try Acidity Relief, an ayurvedic remedy for acidity, that provides quick and long-lasting relief from acid reflux.

Q. Can acidity be cured permanently?

Yes, most cases of GERD and acidity can be cured. With Ayurveda for acidity, you can gain relief from acidity and pacify your pitta dosha.

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