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What Is The Natural Cure For Hyperacidity?

Published on Sep 25, 2018


By Dr. Surya Bhagwati
Chief In- House Doctor
BAMS, DHA, DHHCM, DHBTC | 30+ Years of Experience

What Is The Natural Cure For Hyperacidity?

Thinking about hyperacidity also makes you feel a little weird in your gut. But acidity comes uninvited just to cause us trouble. Acidity occurs when you eat a lot of food or eat spicy, unhealthy food and there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. This results in the production of gases, bad breath, stomach ache, and other symptoms. Not just unhealthy food but long gaps between meals, empty stomach or excessive intake of tea, coffee, smoking or alcohol can also be a cause for hyperacidity. When the secretion of acids becomes more in the body that how it usually should, then the body starts to experience heartburn or acid reflux as well. It gets quite annoying and in order to get rid of the same, we often resort to various medicines. However, sometimes Ayurvedic medicine for acidity can be more helpful than any other medicine and hence you try it out. Ayurvedic medicines for hyperacidity are effective and also easily available at homes.

Here is a list of natural foods that you can have when you feel heartburns:

Almonds for hyperacidity

Almonds: Almonds are known for its properties that neutralize the juices in the stomach and prevent acidity. This Ayurvedic medicine for hyperacidity is a good option as they keep your stomach feeling full and help in non-creation of hyperacidity. Munch on two or three almonds at regular intervals to keep acidity away.

Basil Leaves for acidity

Basil Leaves: Basil leaves are used for so many ailments for its calming properties but it is also a good Ayurvedic medicine for acidity as it has the soothing and carminative properties that give an instant relief from acidity. It stops the process of the making of gas in the body which is one of the key causes of acidity. Eat a few basil leaves when you feel acidic or you can also boil some basil leaves with a cup of water and simmer it down for a minute to make a tea. Drink it when you feel that gas is being produced.

Buttermilk for acidity

Buttermilk: Buttermilk is categorized as a cure for acidity in Ayurved. So you can consume buttermilk for relief as well. This Ayurvedic medicine for acidity contains lactic acid that normalizes acidity in minutes. Add a pinch of black pepper powder or chopped coriander leaves to your buttermilk and have it after having spicy food or if you feel acidic. You can even have plain milk or ice creams for relief.


Apple Cider Vinegar for hyperacidity


Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is vastly popular amongst people for its properties that help in reducing weight but it also helps reduce the hyperacidity. Its alkalizing properties help in reducing acidity problems. Apple cider vinegar is a worthy ayurvedic medicine for hyperacidity as it helps cure the acid reflux quickly. Just mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of it in water and drink the solution. You can have it once or twice a day for effective use. Drinking it before meals would be more preferable and good for curing acid reflux.


Jaggery for aids digestion and acidity


Jaggery: Sweet yet very nutritional, Jaggery has high magnesium content that boosts intestinal strength. People have been eating Jaggery after a meal for the same reason, it helps you keep away from acid refluxes this ayurvedic medicine for acidity aids digestion and makes the digestive system more alkaline in nature. This further helps in reducing stomach acidity. You can chew on a small piece of Jaggery after a meal to help it from keeping acidity away. Since it also helps in maintaining the normal body temperature which in return helps in keeping the stomach cool, you can also have a Jaggery drink. Soak a piece of Jaggery in water and drink it when it dissolves in it completely.

Ayurvedic Medicine to cure of acidity

Acidity relief: ayurvedic medicine for acidity

Acidity Relief: Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurvedic medicine for hyperacidity is one of the best medicine when you don’t want to try home remedies and want to switch to medicines. This ayurvedic medicine for acidity has ingredients like Amla which is a highly effective alkaliser. It also boosts metabolism and promotes digestion due to its high fiber content, Munakka is rich in iron and magnesium that help in fighting acidity and also cardamom that helps strengthen the digestive system, etc. to keep you away from acidity.

Just have one pill after breakfast and dinner for a healthy stomach and gut. This Herbal medicine also is effective in easily absorbing nutrients from foods and help you have a stronger and healthier body. So order your pack now.

Dr. Vaidya’s  has more than 150 years of knowledge, and research on Ayurvedic Health Products. We strictly follow the principles of Ayurvedic philosophy and have helped thousands of customers who are looking for traditional Ayurvedic medicines for ailments and treatments. 

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Dr. Surya Bhagwati
BAMS (Ayurveda), DHA (Hospital Admin), DHHCM (Health Management), DHBTC (Herbal Beauty and Cosmetology)

Dr. Surya Bhagwati is an established, well-known Ayurvedic expert with over 30 years of experience in treating and consulting in the field of Ayurveda. She is known for the timely, efficient, and patient-centred delivery of quality health care. The patients under her care receive a unique holistic treatment comprising not only medicinal treatment but also spiritual empowerment.

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