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Chyawan Tabs: Ayurvedic Immunity Booster With 43 Chyawanprash Herbs

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Want to enjoy all the benefits of Chyawanprash without the strong taste? Looking for a way to take Chyawanprash without the high sugar content?

If you answered Yes, Dr. Vaidya’s Chyawan Tabs is for you.

Chyawan Tabs brings you the goodness of 43 herbs of traditional Chyawanprash, in a convenient tablet form without any added sugar.

Benefits Of Chyawan Tabs

  • Contains 43 herbs found in traditional Chyawanprash.
  • 100% sugar-free
  • Provides a boost to your immunity.
  • Boosts stamina and energy levels.
  • Supports digestive and respiratory health.
  • Helps build resistance to seasonal allergies and infections.
  • Supports general health.
  • Suitable for blood sugar patients.
  • No known side effects
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified unit.

Dr. Vaidya’s Chyawan Tabs is a reformulated version of the HerboFit capsule.


Dr. Vaidya’s brings the ancient formulation of Chyawanprash to the 21st century with Chyawan Tabs. This Ayurvedic immunity booster contains 43 powerful herbs found in Chyawanprash, but none of its added sugar. Improvements in the taste of this formulation have also helped make sure that this Ayurvedic immunity booster is well-liked by you.

What Are The Benefits Of Chyawan Tabs?

  • Boost Immunity: Herbs like Amla, Giloy, Shatavari, and Tvak (Cinnamon) included in this immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicine are well known for their immunity enhancing properties. Amla is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidant vitamin C. Its combination with other herbs helps stimulate the production and activity of infection-fighting cells of the immune system.
  • Fight and prevent recurrence of infections: Chyawan Tabs ingredients Amla, Pippali, Giloy, Elaichi and Tvak (cinnamon) have antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and help the body fight back infections. This makes it useful in treating day-to-day respiratory tract infections like cold, cough, bronchitis, allergies, and urinary tract infections. It also supports faster recovery from illness. On regular consumption, it helps strengthen the body’s resistance and prevent the recurrence of infectious diseases.
  • Improve Digestion: Digestive herbs like Amla, Pippali, Tvak, Giloy, Nagarmotha, and Elaichi stimulate appetite, improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients. These help in improving energy levels, stamina, and overall health.
  • Supports General Health: Rejuvenating and stress-lowering herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Shatavari nourish body tissues, help reduce stress and anxiety. They support the optimum functioning of the body systems to maintain good health and improve energy levels.

All these benefits make Chyawan Tabs one of the best ayurvedic immunity boosters suitable for all family members, in all seasons. We recommend consuming this immunity booster ayurvedic tablet regularly for a minimum of three months or as advised by the physician. With Chyawan Tabs on your side, time constraints and unpalatable taste shall not remain an obstacle to healthiness.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]

Chyawan Tabs Ingredients

  • Amla: Natural source of vitamin C and antioxidants, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and enhances energy.
  • Pippali: Strengthens the respiratory system, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Giloy: Helps fight viral infections, boosts immunity, strengthens the liver, purifies the blood, and promotes digestion.
  • Tvak (Cinnamon): Fights respiratory infections, strengthens body’s defence, and improves gut health.
  • Elaichi (Cardamom): Supports detoxification, enhances digestion, helps maintain vitality, and keeps energy levels up.
  • Nagkesar: Removes excess mucus from the lungs, promotes good digestion, and enhances appetite.
  • Gokshur: A powerful antioxidant, helps protect and maintain functions of the heart and kidneys, controls blood sugar levels, improves vigour and vitality.
  • Draksha: Relieves constipation, strengthens lungs, helps reduce weakness, fatigue, and improves vitality, a natural brain tonic that boosts memory power.
  • Pushkarmool: Treats respiratory diseases, reduces cholesterol, body fat, and helps maintain a healthy heart and lungs.
  • Vasa (Adulsa): Cleanses and strengthens the respiratory system, purifies the blood and boosts immunity.
  • Nagarmotha: Promotes liver health, gut health, kidney health, and digestive health, boosts metabolism to help manage weight.
  • Punarnava: Detoxifies the body, protects the liver and kidneys, supports their functions, treats, and helps prevent recurring urinary tract symptoms.
  • Karkatshringi: Treats respiratory ailments, removes mucus from the respiratory tract, improves digestive.
  • Tamalaki: Improves metabolism, controls high blood sugar levels, purifies the blood, and treats skin ailments.

Chyawan Tabs Dosage

Take 1 tablet twice a day preferably with milk on an empty stomach in the morning or before a meal.

Recommended Duration

For best results, we recommend regularly taking Chyawan Tabs for a minimum of 3 months. That said, Chyawan Tabs is suitable for year-round use as it is free from harmful ingredients that can cause unwanted effects like increased heat in the body.

For Best Results

  • For best results, take Chyawan Tabs for a minimum of three months with a healthy diet & lifestyle.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Include fresh vegetables like broccoli, red bell peppers, spinach; spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic; citrus fruits, nuts in the diet.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Take sufficient daily sleep.
  • Do exercises daily for at least half an hour.
  • Practice Yoga and Pranayama to relieve stress and boost immunity.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Still have questions? For a free consultation, Please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]


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