Want to Party and Protect Your Liver? Here’s how

Want to Party and Protect Your Liver? Here’s how

The liver is one large meaty, wedge-shaped organ that plays one of the most important roles in the proper functioning of the body. Thus, it is very important to protect your liver. Weighing around 3 pounds, the liver is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity. It is the largest and the heaviest organ in our body. It produces a chemical called bile that helps in burning down the food and storing sugar in the form of glucose. Glucose in return gives you a boost of energy whenever needed. The liver is also responsible for purification of blood, processing proteins and detoxifying various metabolites.

How Alcohol Affects our liver?

The liver is involved in detoxification of our body and digestion of foods. What we eat and drink affects our liver the most. Alcohol is the biggest enemy of the liver as drinking too much may lead to liver damage like inflammation in the organ. Alcohol that we consume breaks down into a chemical called acetaldehyde, which is very toxic to the liver’s health. Alcohol is a common way to blow off steam, but one must be careful knowing its effect on the liver.

How To Protect Your Liver from Alcohol

So how to protect your liver without leaving alcohol consumption?

Luckily, the below pointers should help you with a natural and healthy way to keep liver damage in check. With the use of herbal hangover pills and a few tips on Ayurvedic treatment for alcoholism, we can ensure liver protectionfrom alcohol damage, party hard and still guard the liver.

protect your liver - reduce alcohol consumption

1. The too many glasses of alcohol rule

While relishing the taste of a glass of wine seems recreational to us, too many glasses of an alcoholic drink can damage the liver. In order to protect your liver, you must limit the number of glasses of alcohol we are consuming. One must set a weekly limit to the number of units of alcohol consumed. As a rule of thumb, this should be 6-7 small units at max for all above the age of 40.

protect your liver - Drink plenty of water

2. Water is your best friend

Alcohol consumption causes dehydration. This in return makes the blood density thicker. With a thicker density, the flow of blood through the liver for purification becomes impossible. Our binge drinking sessions hence can be really damaging to it. To guard and protect your liver against any damage, one must have a reasonable amount of water to keep the body hydrated and have a lower blood density so that it may easily pass through the liver.

protect your liver - maintain healthy diet

3. Maintain a healthy diet

As we have already discussed, eating and drinking is very likely to affect the liver’s health. Therefore, it is essential that one should take care of what we consume to protect the liver from damage. Include leafy vegetables, broccoli, and carrots in the diet. We should also eat acidic fruits (grapefruits, oranges, and lemons), coffee, food rich in Omega-3 (fish, nuts) and fibre rich food items. Also, avoiding food items like soda, processed sugar and food rich in fat can help in keeping the liver healthy.

protect your liver - do exercises regularly

4. Don’t forget to exercise

We all know gym freaks and we should befriend them and tag along as their gym buddies. Ask us why? Well, exercising has many overall health benefits which include ways to protect your liver from any damage. Hitting the gym can help the body burn triglycerides for fuel. This, in turn, will help reduce liver fat and keep it healthy. Brisk walking, aerobics, running, swimming will help keep the liver fit by burning the excess fat collected in the liver.

protect your liver - Consume antioxidant foods

5. Take help of antioxidants

Oxidative stress plays a key role in the rise of liver damage due to excessive alcohol consumption. This can also lead to the destruction of tissues and reduction of glutathione (GSH), an antioxidant in the liver. To combat this, one must have liver health supplements or food rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, manganese, copper and magnesium –all rich antioxidants and can help in protecting the liver.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, we can go to that party our friends are throwing without thinking about the damage all the drinking will cause. To help you even further, grab a pack of Dr Vaidya’s anti-hangover capsules called LIVitup, an effective liver supplement for better health of the organ. Its mixture of powerful herbs makes sure one does not get a hangover after the long weekend party but also ensures that our liver is protected from any damage in the long term. The product does this by expelling excess acetaldehyde build up in the liver.

protect your liver - Use ayurvedic medicines

Go grab a pack our liver supplement, LIVitup! Pop two capsules before partying or binge drinking and a capsule daily for building the liver’s health. At last sit back, relaxing and enjoying a chilled drink without worrying too much about the after effects.

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