Leela Dinesh Prajapati

I am a housewife and I have 2 daughters. So everyday they go to school and I do all household works, and I don’t get time from my busy schedule to do exercise which has started incredible pain in my joints and muscles also swell. I tried allopathy medicines, but they didn’t gave me relief for the long term, it was better for only 2 weeks and afterwards it was as it is. My husband works in Mumbai and he said me to visit at Dr. Vaidya’s. I came here and Doctor prescribed me to take Herbofit and Rumox. After one week I was like, that I didn’t had any kind of pain in my knees. And now I am so happy that even in my parents group, neighbours, relatives I recommend them to take Dr. Vaidya’s medicines. There is always a positive result whenever I come here.

Ramdas Waydande

Since from 10 years I am coming here in Dr. Vaidya’s for my cough problems. And I never take allopathy medicines whenever I am suffering from dry cough. Because I totally trust in Ayurveda rather than those medicines which includes chemicals and all. So whenever I have irritation of cough and throat I always take Khasi go pills which really relieves me from sore throat and many other problems. Now I don’t need to go anywhere because Dr. Vaidya’s has solution to almost all problems.

Laman Shinde

The area in which I stay, there is a building which is in reconstruction for almost 2 years, and due to that I am not able to breathe properly. I went to a clinic of my family doctor, he said that there is a symptom of asthma and suggested me to take hospital treatment. So I went to hospital and I started my course for medicines as they prescribed. But even after completing my course there was no result and my condition got more worse than before. Then one of my friend said to visit at Dr. Vaidya’s. As he was already a patient of there. So I came here and doctor prescribed me to take Amlapittavati, Bronkoherb and Swasaghna. And finally there was a positive result in me and I got cured from here.

Vasantha Sathish

With growing age my muscles have become weak and folding of legs also to stand up instantaneously from sitting position is not easy. The pain had become extremely excruciating, it was then that I went to a hospital to get a MRI scan which showed muscle tear. After consultation few doctors had asked me to get operated but my body was not ready to take a surgery. My husband’s friend recommended me of Dr. Vaidya’s, here they offered me Ayurveda prepared medicines and asked me to give my body some time with the medicine they suggested. They had prepared a complete schedule for me and asked me to follow it religiously. My severe body pain in all the joints had receeded. Now I go for daily morning walks in the park and thankful of the team at Dr. Vaidya’s who ensured all the care and support I needed throughout.

Milind Shah

The allopathy medicines have had real adverse effects on my health. I was suffering from a cough and cold for an extended period. Consequently, I was trying different medication every time I went to a new clinic which worsened my condition and started having skin allergies. I didn’t know medicines could have such a harmful effect on my skin. My father was a friend of Dr. Natoobhai who was then running the clinic, and my family has always been a staunch believer in Ayurveda. Now, I believe in it too. A lot of physical work is required at my workplace daily which has increased pain in my knees, so I visit them regularly for the Pain Relief Oil, and the place always fascinates me and my curiosity in Ayurveda.

Padmavati Kshirsagar

I’m in my late 50’s and at my age skin problems are normal, for quite some time now I’m suffering from the issue of patches on skin and itching. So I realized a visit to a dermatologist would be a wise now, so I went to a dermatologist, and her treatment got me rid of the itching, but the patches were still there.  So, my cousin suggested me Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurveda clinic and I didn’t have to search for any other dermatologist in the future nor did I have to restrict myself to a particular diet. I have started believing strongly in Ayurveda now. It has been two years now, and nobody can tell me that I was suffering from skin allergies years ago.

Rajesh Waghri

The people who are present at Dr. Vaidya’s clinic are a great bunch of people as they have cleared all our doubts and provided the best possible assistance & guidance including the future care that is required. I have been deeply attached to the clinic for like eight years now, and my wife has been coming to visit the clinic for the past ten years. We are thankful to Dr. Vaidya’s & the entire team who give us a warm welcome, unlike other clinics. My acidity is well under control now, but sometimes I feel too much stress, so I come here often to purchase Unmadvati.

Ajinkya Londhe

Everyone in my family loves to eat spicy food, junk food, and food that has a lot of spices and masala. Eventually, we all are suffering from mild Piles, but luckily everything is in control after we have come to Dr. Vaidya’s. My father has been coming to the clinic for the past ten years, and this is my third visit. I have developed high trust in the Ayurvedic medicines, and all of the members of my family take Arshari twice a day. We can’t compromise on food.

Santosh Dingankar

The locality where I reside has seen many construction projects in the past few years, degrading the air quality. When I consulted the nearby hospital in Borivali, they stated that I have mild symptoms of Asthma. So I continued their prescribed medicines for a year but didn’t help and started having intense cough problems. Then I was told about Dr. Vaidya’s where I had undergone an Ayurveda consultation. Swasaghna and Amlapittavati have given me an extended lifeline is what I feel. For two years now I haven’t felt any pain in my chest and no side effects.

Munnala Jaiswar

I work at the Mumbai Central car shed for 15 years now, and my work involves lifting heavy objects daily. Working in hot and humid afternoons has taken a toll on my knees as the entire weight that lifted daily comes down to my knees. I had undergone X-ray, ECG scans to check whether my knee was in the right shape, having tried every allopathy and pain management medicine which didn’t give me complete relief my friend suggested Dr. Vaidya’s clinic. It’s been eight years since then, and no drug has given me such long-term effects as the ones that Dr. Vaidya’s give at the clinic.

Sushila Patil

I am a housewife from Thane and have a son and a daughter who go to school. When they go to school, I do all the housework, and I don’t get time for my daily exercise which has caused tremendous pain in my joints and muscles to swell. I ask my son every night to massage my knees and was taking the meds prescribed to me. But they hardly gave me any relief. At Dr. Vaidya’s I was prescribed Herboslim and Sandhivati which in turn did the trick!

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