Leela Dinesh Prajapati

Leela Dinesh Prajapati (Thane)

I am a housewife and I have 2 daughters. So everyday they go to school and I do all household works, and I don’t get time from my busy schedule to do exercise which has started incredible pain in my joints and muscles also swell. I tried allopathy medicines, but they didn’t gave me relief for the long term, it was better for only 2 weeks and afterwards it was as it is. My husband works in Mumbai and he said me to visit at Dr. Vaidya’s. I came here and Doctor prescribed me to take Herbofit and Rumox. After one week I was like, that I didn’t had any kind of pain in my knees. And now I am so happy that even in my parents group, neighbours, relatives I recommend them to take Dr. Vaidya’s medicines. There is always a positive result whenever I come here.