Suffering from Insomnia and Sleepless nights?

Suffering from Insomnia and Sleepless nights?

How mentally painful can it be not to get sleep? Just lie down and try hard to sleep, but in vain. This has surely happened to all of us at least once (though more than once for many of us) in our lifetime.

“Insomnia”- The lack of sleep can be caused by various factors such as stress, tension, depression, worry, anxiety, respiratory and other ailments. This is a very serious problem, and if not cured immediately, can be very severe in the long run by accelerating aging, weight gain, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression leading to further insomnia. Sounds really scary, right? Today, bringing our traditional science Ayurveda back on the table for the treatment of Insomnia, it can be treated very effectively without taking any pills filled with chemicals.

First and foremost, the simple thing Ayurveda says is to avoid taking the stress. Sounds easy? Many of us think of this as just rhetoric. Easy to say but difficult to implement. We are so ambitious and want to do so much that taking stress is now our habit. But that’s where 50% of the problem can be cured. In the end, nothing is more important than health.

Other simple Ayurvedic medicines are to apply oil on the feet and scalp followed by a warm water bath to relax the muscles and increase blood flow. This will help in sound sleep. On waking up, Yoga and Meditation for just about 15 minutes will definitely not harm your busy schedule. Ayurveda says that since the body and mind are inter-linked, practicing yoga will not only calm the mind and improve concentration but will also help in calming the body, leading to a good start to the day.

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Now, the entire day we are in front of the computer, straining our eyes. Once we are home, we read books or are in front of our laptop surfing the net or watching a movie. Ayurveda recommends that we avoid this screen time and get to bed early. This will keep our mind fresh and relaxed to induce sound sleep.

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At Dr. Vaidya’s, our unique formulation Unmadvati, the best Ayurvedic medicine for anxiety is a stress buster which relaxes the body and mind and ensures an easier lifestyle. Composed of herbal ingredients such as Shankhavali ghan, Brahmi ghan, Jatamansi ghan, Nagarmotha ghan, Malkangni ghan, Kamal ghan and more, Unmadvati helps to calm the body and provide relief from anxiety, hypertension and sleep disorders.

ayurvedic medicine for anxiety

You can always visit our clinic to learn more about your dosha, tips or knowledge regarding any health, nutrition or fitness aspect. Consultation with our expert Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. (Mrs.) Surya Bhagwati (BAMS, DHA, DHHCM, and DHBTC) is completely free of charge.

Our flagship ayurvedic clinic is a tribute to our founder, Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya. His legacy continues to inspire us to serve our patients with utmost dedication, provide superior quality products and exceptional customer service. Today, our patrons have the choice to touch, feel and experience our entire product range even before consulting the doctor.

Authored by: Dr. (Mrs.) Surya Bhagwati (BAMS, DHA, DHHCM, and DHBTC), 25+ years experience in Ayurveda

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