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Weight Reduction Pack: Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine (Buy 1 & Get 1 FREE)

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Treatment for Healthy Weight Management and Hyper Cholesterol.

Herboslim: 1 tablet twice daily with lukewarm water after meals,
Kabaj Capsules: 1 capsule at night after dinner.

Net Quantity:
Herboslim – 30 N X 4 (Tablets)
Kabaj Capsules – 30 N X 2 (Capsules)

Weight Reduction Pack Benefits

  • Manage healthy weight with Ayurvedic formula
  • Burn excess body fat: Guggulu, Harda, Nagarmotha increase lipid metabolism and supports burning of excess body fat
  • Manage lipid metabolism, effectively
  • Encourages proper bowel movements: Laxative herbs like Himaj, Sonamukhi help in detoxification by eliminating toxins from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Manufactured in GMP certified, approved plant

Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack consists of two Ayurvedic formulations that are helpful in managing weight and cholesterol. This pack contains Herboslim which is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps in managing lipid metabolism along with Kabaj Capsules that support proper bowel movements. This special health pack is natural, chemical free and is designed to last for 1 month.

Recommended Course: Minimum 3 months


Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack consists of two Ayurvedic formulations that help manage healthy weight and cholesterol levels. This pack contains Herboslim tablets, an effective Ayurvedic lipid metabolizer, and the detoxifying formulation Kabaj Capsules. 

Herboslim includes Ayurvedic herbs that are used traditionally to reduce and maintain a healthy weight. This aids in burning off any excess body fat and lowering increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These herbs help reversibly blocks sweet receptors on the tongue that may cause you to eat fewer sweet foods and consume fewer calories. A consistent calorie deficit can result in weight loss. 

Kabaj Capsules is an Ayurvedic medicine with herbs that help you detox naturally. Laxative herbs like Sonamukhi, Nassotar, and Himaj help to eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. Sunth is a powerful digestive aid and helps in better digestion. All these actions improve gut health, metabolism and thus, help in lowering weight.

The weight reduction pack takes time, dedication and perseverance to lose weight in a healthy way. Therefore, it is recommended to take this medicine for a minimum of 3 months or as directed by the physician. To get the desired effect, one should make necessary dietary changes and follow a regular exercise schedule while taking this medicine.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]

Weight Reduction Pack Dosage

  • Herboslim Tablets
    1 tablet twice daily with lukewarm water after meals.
  • Kabaj Capsules
    1 capsule at bedtime, for ages 10 and above

Recommended Course: Minimum 3 months

Still have questions? For a free consultation, Please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]

Weight Reduction Pack comprises of the following products/ingredients –

Herboslim Ingredients

  • Medohar Guggul: Traditional Ayurvedic formulation that helps to burn excess body fat and lose weight
  • Vrukshamal(Garcinia): Suppresses heavy appetite
  • Meshashrungi: Controls unhealthy cravings
  • Methi: Promotes satiety to reduce calorie intake

Kabaj Capsules Ingredients

  • Sonamukhi: Also known as the Indian Senna, it acts as a great laxative and exhibits purgative qualities. It increases the peristaltic movement of intestines, hence regulating bowel movements. Sonamuki contains certain plant compounds called glycosides which helps stimulates the nerves in the gut and speeds up bowel movements.
  • Nassotar: Ayurveda ranks Nassotar one of the best ingredients  used for easy purgation.
  • Himaj: Also known as Bal Harad or Kali Harad, Himaj works as a stool softener ease the passage of faeces. It is also rich in vitamin C, selenium, potassium, manganese, iron and copper, thus offering various nutritional benefits.
  • Sindhalun: Also known as Sendha Namak or Mountain Salt, it prevents water from surrounding the tissues of the digestive system. Moreover, it helps soften the stool and promotes its easy passage.
  • Sunth: Essentially dried ginger, Sunth is known to be a powerful herb that helps in relieving chest and gastric pain. It also aids digestion and assists in weight management.

Weight Reduction Pack FAQ

How to reduce weight without any side effects?

Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential for overall health and well-being. Excess weight can increase the risk of many health problems like heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack is a natural and Ayurvedic formulation for managing a healthy weight. It consists of herbs like Amla, Ginger, Haldi, Shuddha Guggulu that help in normalizing lipid metabolism and managing weight naturally. Ayurveda is a holistic form of a medical system that recommends following a healthy diet and exercising regularly along with the ongoing Ayurvedic treatment for better results.

What is the expiry date?

The products in the Weight Reduction Pack expire 36 months from manufacturing (this is printed on the bottle).

Is this weight reduction pack helpful for male & female both?

Both men and women can benefit from Weight Reduction Pack.

How to store?

Store your Weight Reduction Pack in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can Thyroid patients use the weight loss medicine?

Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack is made with premium quality herbs and natural ingredients to help lose extra weight and maintain cholesterol levels. There has not been any recorded case for thyroid or any such issues.

How much weight one can lose in a month?

Ayurveda believes that every individual/person has a unique body constitution. Therefore, the process of showing results also varies from person to person. However, When taken as prescribed along with a healthy diet and exercise routine, it can give desired results. The pack should be consumed at least for a month. It is recommended to continue the treatment for a minimum of 3 months for the medication to completely suit the body and show results.

How to lose weight with Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, being overweight is seen as Medoroga. Classic texts such as Veda and Charak Samhita by Maharishi Charaka consider it as a Medo Dhatu disorder. Ayurveda describes weight gain as cyclical. It begins with the intake of incorrect food or the development of improper lifestyle habits that result in problems with the digestive fire. The key to losing body weight is to understand your body type ( dosha ) and adopt healthy habits to keep it balanced. Ayurveda, therefore, focuses on health first rather than cutting down the extra fat off the body. The holistic medical science suggests knowing the dominant dosha and taking the right herbs and treatments with regular exercise and diet.

What diet should be followed to reduce weight?

Ayurveda suggests eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiber. A high fiber diet helps in losing weight and keeps the cholesterol levels in check. Fiber-rich foods provide a feeling of fullness after a meal. However, this neither boosts the blood sugar nor adds calories. These are plant-based foods and require chewing, which leads to feeling satisfied with eating less. This adds to the overall process of weight loss. Some tips to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey.
  • Follow it with a bowl of mixed fruits and coconut water / green tea.
  • Have a variety of grains ( Wheat/ Jowar/ Bajra, etc), proteins ( sprouts/ pulses/ paneer,etc), Calcium (curd / buttermilk) and vegetables ( raw/ cooked) for lunch and dinner.
  • Replace unhealthy mid-meal snacks with healthy options like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.
  • Drink Cinnamon Tea instead of regular tea/coffee.
  • Avoid sugar and fried foods.

What fruits have to be consumed during the weight loss program?

Fruits are a natural source of sugar, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water content, which can help to lose weight. These can be enjoyed as mid-meal snacks, breakfast, or even desserts. Eating fruits such as apples, papaya, pear, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, plums, watermelon can help in the weight loss journey.

After completing the course, do I need to reorder the weight reduction pack to maintain the same weight in the future?

This weight loss pack is a combination of two highly trusted weight loss medicines – Herboslim and Kabaj capsules, which can help you achieve your weight goals seamlessly.

This health pack consists of herbs like Sunth, Haldi, Nagarmotha, and Amla among others, which makes it completely natural and ayurvedic. Along with the weight loss medicine, one should also incorporate certain dietary changes. These include increased intake of water, consumption of high-fiber foods and inclusion of probiotic foods in the diet, and regular exercise.

Ayurveda believes in the fact that everybody type is different, and so the process of showing results also varies from person to person. The recommended course is for three months for the medicine to completely suit the body and show results. However, it is advised to continue the same diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle changes after the end of the minimum course of 3 months to maintain the weight.

Do I need to work out or gym along with the weight reduction pack?

Ayurveda believes in a holistic lifestyle. Thus, exercising or indulging in any form of physical training expands the capacities and enhances the process of circulation of nutrients in the tissues. Yoga is the most ancient yet natural and effective form of physical exercise practiced to lose weight. It not only activates the muscles but also rejuvenates and relaxes the mind. Therefore, any form of exercise is essential to losing weight.

Can pregnant women use this weight loss medicine?

Noticing changes in weight is natural during pregnancy. Ayurveda recommends not to disturb the natural process during pregnancy. Therefore, We would not suggest consuming Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack during pregnancy. Although, consulting an Ayurvedic doctor is recommended before starting any such treatment during pregnancy.

Will I gain weight again after completing the weight loss course?

Ayurveda recommends following a healthy diet and exercise routine along with the ongoing health treatment. Therefore consuming foods rich in fiber and other nutrients and exercising is recommended with this medicine for weight loss. Continuing the same dietary and lifestyle changes will help maintain the weight after the completion of the course.

Will it help to reduce weight, even if being overweight runs in genetics?

Being overweight is a result of environment and genetic factors. However, Unhealthy eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, underlying health conditions can also lead to weight gain. Ayurveda is known for treating the root cause of the health problem and understanding the distinct dosha of an individual. Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Reduction Pack consists of natural and ayurvedic herbs to lose weight naturally. This synergy of herbs helps balance the doshas to keep the body healthy.

Do I need to consult the doctor before taking these medicines?

Talking to a doctor can help you get the right help in your weight loss journey. The doctor can recommend a tailor-made diet and exercise plan for you.


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