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Good Digestion Pack

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Good Digestion Pack: Helps in the treatment of digestive ailments

In the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern era, all of us indulge in binge eating and follow an unhealthy diet, more often than we should. Then again, our demanding work schedules and social lives are constantly leading to increased stress. All of this often leads to various digestive ailments such as ulcers, hyperacidity, gaseousness, bloating and sometimes even constipation. Thankfully for us, Dr. Vaidya’s Digestion Pack has come to the rescue. Comprising of as many as 4 medicines for digestion, this health pack lasts for a month.

Good Digestion Pack Benefits:

  • Ideal Ayurvedic solution for digestive problems
  • Boosts digestion: Sunth, Pipper, Shahajira stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, boosts digestion, and relieves indigestion, bloating, gas, and flatulence
  • Relieves acidity: Amla, Jyeshthimadhu, Munakka help regulate gastric acid secretion to relieve acidity and associated heartburn, burping, nausea and protect gastrointestinal tract
  • Relieves constipation: Natural laxatives like Sonamukhi, Harda, Amla ensure complete bowel emptying and help regulate bowel movements to prevent constipation
  • Manufactured in GMP certified plant & Ministry of AYUSH approved plant

Net Quantity:
Pachak- 50 g X 2
Herbiacid – 30 N X 3 (Capsules)
Gasoherb- 30 N X 1 (Capsules)
Kabaj Churna – 50 g X 1

Pachak – 1 teaspoon after lunch and dinner;
Herbiacid – 1 capsule after lunch and dinner;
Gasoherb – 1 capsule after lunch and dinner;
Kabaj Churna- 1 tsp after dinner and before bed;


Dr. Vaidya’s Good Digestion Pack is curated to manage digestive issues like indigestion, acidity, bloating, and constipation. This pack consists of four Ayurvedic medicines- Pachak Churna, Gasoherb Capsule, Herbiacid Capsule, and Kabaj Churna.

Pachak Churna is an Ayurvedic medicine that stimulates the digestive fire. Pipper, Sunth, Shahjira, Amla included in Pachak Churna stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes. Thus, they enhance digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients. These herbs help to keep the digestive tract healthy. These actions make Pachak Churna highly effective in tackling common digestive problems like loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Gasoherb Capsule is an Ayurvedic medicine for relieving gas. It contains carminative and digestive herbs like Saunf, Biligarbh, Sunth, and Jeera. These ingredients improve gastrointestinal motility and facilitate easy expulsion of gas and relieve constipation. Thus, provide relief from gas, flatulence, abdominal pain, or heaviness.

Herbiacid Capsule is a unique blend of herbs effective in acidity and associated symptoms like heartburn, nausea, burping, and regurgitation. It contains 17 powerful herbs like Jyeshthimadhu, Amla, Manukka, Anantmool, and Elaichi. These herbs regulate the secretion of gastric juices, stimulate appetite, and improve digestion.

Kabaj Churna includes natural laxative herbs like Sonamukhi, Nasottar, Himaj, Sunth, and Saindhalun. It stimulates intestinal movements to ensure complete bowel evacuation without any discomfort or pain. It thus, relieves abdominal heaviness, flatulence, and heartburn associated with constipation. Himaj and Shunthi also stimulate appetite and improve digestion.

The Good Digestion Pack is an all-natural product without any known side effects when used as per the recommendations. We recommend taking this for a minimum of one month to improve digestion and regularize bowel movements.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]

  • Pachak
    For ages 10 & below: 1/2 teaspoon, daily after lunch and dinner
    For ages 10 and above: 1 teaspoon, daily after lunch and dinner
  • Herbiacid
    For ages 12 and above, 1 capsule daily after breakfast and dinner.
  • Gasoherb
    For ages 10-15 years: 1/2 a capsule twice daily after lunch and dinner.
    For ages 15 years and above: 1 capsule twice daily after lunch and dinner.
  • Kabaj Churna
    For Severe Constipation (Less than 1-2 Bowel Movements per week) – 2 teaspoons before going to bed.
    For General Constipation (Less than 3 Bowel Movements per week) – 1 teaspoon before going to bed.
    Recommended for ages 10 and above


Still have questions? For a free consultation, Please call us on +912248931761 or email us on [email protected]

Digestion Pack comprises of the following products/ingredients –

The 7 ingredients that make Pachak as effective as it is, are as follows –

  • Sindhalun
    Also known as Sendha Namak or Mountain Salt, it prevents water from surrounding the tissues of the digestive system. Moreover, it helps soften the stool and promotes their easy passage. It is known to improve digestion without causing stomach irritation, or worsening gastritis. It balances natural production of HCl, and helps removes intestinal and abdominal gases.
  • Khadi Sakkar
    Also known Rock Candy, this herb derived from the sap of the Palmyra palm helps relieve stomach ache and kidney stones, along with aiding weight control.
  • Pipper
    Also called Balinese Pepper, it has been used since long as a secret ingredient in Indian as well as Asian foods. Known to strengthen the immune system while also accentuating the effect of other ingredients, it is a key component of Pachak.
  • Shahjira
    Also known by the name of Caraway Seeds, Shahjira is used for digestive problems including heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite, and mild spasms of the stomach and intestines. It eases the gut and provides relief from gas.
  • Taj
    This Ayurvedic herb increases general vitality. It warms and energizes the body as a whole, counteracts congestion, stops diarrhea, improves digestion and relieves abdominal spasms.
  • Amla
    Also known as Indian Gooseberry, This gastro-protective fruit regulates gastric acid production, improves digestion. It is also known to be a mild laxative which flushes out toxins.
  • Sunth
    The active components of ginger are reported to stimulate digestion, absorption, relieve constipation and flatulence by increasing muscular activity in the digestive tract.


Herbiacid comprises of the following herbal ingredients –

  • Amla:
    Amala has Sheeta (cool) potency which alleviates burning sensation. This gastro-protective fruit regulates gastric acid production, improves digestion.
  • Munakka:
    Munakka helps to control acidity due to its cooling property.
  • Elaichi:
    Ela reduces gastric motility, relaxes gastric muscles which helps in prevention of gastric lesions.
  • Jyesthimadhu:
    Also known as Licorice, Jyesthimadhu soothes the mucous membranes of the stomach, balances excess acidity in the stomach lining, and supports comfortable digestion. Actives such as beta sitosterol present in licorice is known to reduce the development of gastric ulcers.
  • Nagkesar:
    Anti-peptic in nature, Nagkesar aids the digestive process.
  • Jaiphal:
    Also known as Nutmeg, it is a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Kharik:
    Kharik is full of essential amino acids and fibers, increases the secretion of digestive juices and enhances the absorption of digested food.


Gasoherb, a highly effective herbal medicine for gastric problems comprises of the following herbal ingredients –

  • Sunth
    The active components of ginger are reported to stimulate digestion, absorption, relieve constipation and flatulence by increasing muscular activity in the digestive tract.
  • Black Pepper
    This commonly used spice has many therapeutic properties like carminative (relieves flatulence) and stimulates gastric secretions ensuring proper digestion.
  • Peperimool
    Yet another imperative herb, peperimool accelerates digestion, while also improving the body metabolism.
  • Bodi Ajama
    Also known as celery, Bodi Ajama has various digestive benefits such as prevention of gas, bloating, vomiting and intestinal parasites.
  • Chavak
    This herb is known to cure digestive ailments, increase one’s appetite and destroy worms in the stomach.
  • Saji Khar
    This alkali prepared from specific herbs improves digestion, helps prevent heartburn, reduces flatulence and avert bloating.
  • Samar namak
    It helps in treating various diseases, including digestive disorders such as gas and flatulence.
  • Satiric Acid
    It helps in releasing acidity and heartburn, usually caused due to the consumption of spicy, salty and/oily foods.


Kabaj Churna, is an effective supplement for constipation comprises of the following herbs –

  • Sonamukhi
    Also known as the Indian Senna, it acts as a great laxative and exhibits purgative qualities. It increases peristaltic movement of intestines, hence regulating bowel movements. Sonamuki contains certain plant compounds called glycosides which helps stimulates the nerves in the gut and speeds up bowel movements.
  • Nassotar
    Ayurveda ranks Nassotar one of the best ingredients used for easy purgation.
  • Himaj
    Also known as Bal Harad or Kali Harad, Himaj works as a stool softener ease the passage of faeces. It is also rich in vitamin C, selenium, potassium, manganese, iron and copper, thus offering various nutritional benefits.
  • Sindhalun
    Also known as Sendha Namak or Mountain Salt, it prevents water from surrounding the tissues of the digestive system. Moreover, it helps soften the stool and promotes their easy passage.
  • Sunth
    Essentially dried ginger, Sunth is known to be a powerful herb that helps in relieving chest and gastric pain. It also aids digestion and assists in weight management.

17 reviews for Good Digestion Pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nagraj Reddy

    The Product is Very Helpful, I recommend the product to everyone who is facing digestive problem.

  2. 4 out of 5


    Bahut hi acha hai digestion ke liye.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Bahut hi acha combo hai ye.

  4. 3 out of 5

    Kunal L

    Pachk me araama hua hai mujhe

  5. 5 out of 5

    rina mehta

    amazing combination. natural digestion product.

  6. 5 out of 5

    himani mehta

    Ab bahut acha digestion ho raha hai. 15 din me asar dikh raha hai.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Mera khana khane ka timing fix nahi hota tha iske wajese mera khana digest nahi hota tha uske wajese mujhe bohot taklif hoti thi but jabse maine apka ye pack diya hai meri problem ko solution mil.gaya hai bohot aachi dawaiya hai
    Thank you ?

  8. 5 out of 5

    Ravindra jain

    Good veri nice

  9. 3 out of 5

    Vallabh Mehra

    Acha hai faida hua meko

  10. 5 out of 5


    Amazing combination . helped me reduce constipation problem

  11. 4 out of 5

    shneha pile

    Try it. Works wonder

  12. 5 out of 5


    I have had a constipation problem for as long as i can remember and this pack has proven to be very effective on my system. Highly recommended

  13. 5 out of 5


    Great pack. Highly beneficial.

  14. 4 out of 5


    A great mix of ayurvedic medicines for digestion related ailments.

  15. 4 out of 5


    Amazing! Multi-purpose pack for constipation and indigestion!

  16. 5 out of 5


    Digestion pack has worked quite well for my brother’s occasional stomach aches as he eats out too often.Skin pack is all you need for clear skin in this polluted city!

  17. 4 out of 5


    I had got some intestinal issues and used this pack. I got rid of it in just 2 days and was 100% recovered.

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