Rumox: Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm – 12g Pack of Two


Pain Balm

Rumox: Ayurvedic Pain Balm

Helps to provide relief from Joint pain

Quantity: 12g X 2

USAGE: To be rubbed gently on the affected area once or twice daily or as and when necessary. For external use only.

Rumox: Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm

They say, “Pain is temporary”. This, however, isn’t true in every case, especially when it comes to chronic joint pains. But, not anymore. With the revolutionary pain balm Rumox, it is now possible for you to bid goodbye to the pain and step into a relaxed world! So, wait no more, before you embrace this exemplary body pain balm.


Rumox is basically an Ayurvedic medicine for body torment benefited as an emollient. According to Ayurveda, torment is a defensive body component and is normally caused by the disturbance of the Vata Dosha. The homegrown fixings that Rumox contains, help adjust the Vata Dosha, in this manner dying down the agony successfully.

A blend of upwards of 6 herbs, this relief from discomfort salve offers a warm and alleviating impact at the site of torment. The segments of this homegrown agony medicine, cooperate to offer both pain relieving and additionally calming impact, accordingly easing you from different musculoskeletal torments like that of the neck, bear, back, and joints. It additionally reduces a wide range of ligament torments and also the soreness caused by sprains. This Ayurvedic drug for back torment likewise diminishes the swelling around the influenced zones. Perfect for that affliction from clog and cerebral pains, Rumox can be advantageously kneaded on the influenced territories, as and when required.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us at +919820291850 or email us on

Additional information

Pack Size

1, 2, 3, 4

Rub this effective Ayurvedic pain balm gently on the affected area once or twice daily, or as and when necessary.

For external use only.

Recommend for ages 3 and above, only.

In case of sensitive skin, kindly do a patch test before using.

In case of persistent cough and cold, apply the Rumox balm on the throat and around the nose before taking steam, for a warm and soothing effect.

Rumox is an effective pain relief cream that is a blend of the following herbs –

Known for its cooling effect, Menthol has a calming and soothing effect on the pain affected areas of the body. This herb helps relieve sore throat and proves to be effective for indigestion and stomach pains.

Also known as Kapoor, this coolant aids in the absorption of the balm into the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb helps reduce pain and swelling resulted due to rheumatism or soreness of muscles or joints.

A prominent Ayurvedic herb, Thymol is usually recommended for the promotion of overall health.

Turpentine oil
Derived from the resin of pine trees, Turpentine oil, when applied on the skin, helps relieve pain. The warmth of this oil also helps reduce congestion.

Eucalyptus oil
One of the most widely used essential oils, Eucalyptus oil provides a warm and soothing effect at the site of the pain. It also helps reduce inflammation. This oil also works as an excellent decongestant remedy for upper respiratory infections and inflammatory infections, such as bronchitis.

Winter Green Oil
Wintergreen oil is well-known for its analgesic, anodyne, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aromatic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue and stimulating properties.

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