Is There Any Permanent Solution For Asthma?

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Asthma?

We all are familiar with what Asthma is and we all know how problematic it becomes for people with Asthma to cope up and live a normal life. Their life becomes dependent on asthma pills and pumps and restricts them from so many things that a normal person can do easily. Asthma is a condition where your airways are tapered down which causes swelling in the area and produce extra mucus, blocking your breathing path. This makes breathing difficult for a person and they start to feel congested. It also triggers coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath which causes major uneasiness. Asthma can be a minor or a major problem for people. It may affect and interfere with your daily life routines and activities. A life-threatening asthma attack is also a possibility in many cases. Although there is no permanent cure to asthma, the symptoms of asthma can be controlled and you can keep the severity of asthma controlled.

Ayurvedic Medicines to get relief from Asthma

Asthma leads to low immunity, strength, cold and allergies can trigger your asthma really quickly. In such cases, a person should always opt for Ayurvedic medicine for asthma to help you get relief from the sensitive asthma symptoms. And what if we tell you that you don’t have to run for the asthma medicines here and there as Dr. Vaidya’s has the best asthma kit with all asthma pills and all other ayurvedic medicines for asthma for your help! Dr. Vaidya’s asthma kit has ayurvedic medicines for asthma-like Huff n Kuff, Allergic and Herbofit for your symptoms and an amazing asthma pill called Bronkoherb that will help you fight asthma with ease and you will live your life to the fullest without worrying about any asthma attacks.

ayurvedic medicine for asthma

Bronkoherb: This medicine helps in providing relief from respiratory ailments like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and bronchial asthma. It is an infusion of several herbs and metals like Cardamom, Taj, Jyeshtimadhu, Lavang, etc. that help in curing asthma symptoms.

  • Cardamom or ‘king of spices’ is extremely beneficial in curing congestion in lungs and other pulmonary diseases attached to it. It is one of the key herbs used in asthma medicine because of its healing properties.
  • Jyeshtimadhu is a key ingredient in ayurvedic medicines for asthma. It acts as a lung toner and also plays a vital role in fighting allergies which produce chronic cold. The herb helps in improving lung functions, clears the body’s channels and helps control nasal allergies. Not just that, the herb also produces a decongestive effect in an upper respiratory tract by toning the respiratory system and hence is a very useful herb when it comes to curing asthma.


Allergic: This Ayurvedic medicine for allergy helps in treating various kinds of allergies like sneezing, rashes, chronic allergies, colds, etc. that hamper to asthma. It composes of herbs and metals like Bamboo Shoot, Balinese pepper, Cinnamon and cardamom that help in curing asthma symptoms and keep away allergies and cold.

  • Bamboo shoot or commonly known as Bans Kapur, Bamboo is a good ingredient for asthma tablets. It is the edible shoot that aids digestion and helps the body stay healthy to fight allergies.
  • Balinese Pepper is a key component of allergic and is an important medicine in the Ayurvedic medicine for asthma kit. It strengthens the immune system to fight from allergies causing asthma.


Huff n Kuff: This Ayurvedic medicine for cough belongs to the asthma pack kit as it helps in curing chronic cold and throat irritation. Herbs like Jyeshthimadhu Ghan, Ardusha Panchag Ghan, Brahmi Ghan, Tulsi Ghan and Kapur make it a good fit to fight cold.

  • Tulsi Ghan is a therapeutic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal herb that helps in improving the respiratory tract and offers relief from fever and headaches.
  • Kapur is a prominent herb that has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing pain and swelling in the throat.


Herbofit:  These are unique capsules of Chyawanprash that help you boost your energy and keep your immunity system strong so that you can fight asthma. It has herbs like Amla Ghan, Elaichi Ghan, Lavang Ghan, and Kesar powder, Jayfal Ghan that help you build immunity and is an important ayurvedic medicine for asthma.

  • Kesar Powder or saffron helps the body in fighting diseases and also helps in aiding cell formation and repair. It helps maintains blood pressure and keeps heart diseases away that in return help in making the body ready for asthma attacks and fighting with its symptoms.
  • Jayfal Ghan or nutmeg is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety and also helps to relieve digestive problems, keeping the body fit.

Just 1 capsule of Herbofit, 2 tbsp. of Huff n Kuff three times a day, 1 tbsp. of Bronkoherb three times a day and lastly 1 pill of allergic three times, a day can help you keep your asthma symptoms away and will help you live a fast, healthy, breathy life. Get your pack of Dr. Vaidya’s asthma kit right now and experience side-effect free, natural change. Buy Ayurvedic Medicine for asthma from online now!

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