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Dr Vaidyas Chakaash
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Dr. Vaidya’s Best Selling Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Vaidya’s has been known for the last 150 years for its Ayurvedic herbal remedies. At Dr. Vaidya’s, we synergize the active ingredients of multiple herbs to create unique, proprietary Ayurvedic medicine. Although all the products are highly effective here is what our customers think are our best sellers:


Ayurvedic Medicine for Top Ailments

Dr. Vaidya’s is known to provide Ayurvedic remedies that treat ailments from the root cause instead of just the system. This ensures that the ailment is removed from the system long term and not just for the short term. Below are the top ailments that our customers have been purchasing from our website:


Offer & Combos on TOP Ayurvedic Products

Dealing with a chronic ailment? Looking at a holistic solution to fight multiple problems at once? Or, just looking for a kit of Ayurvedic medicine for your family? Dr. Vaidya’s has combined our products into easy to understand packs and combos of Ayurvedic remedies. Instead of having to pick up multiple products from multiple places, we have made your life convenient. Whether it is arthritis, diabetes, hypertension or general health for your home – pick up your health pack today (and yes, we’ll give you a discount too).

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In other system of medicines they treat the disease only ,but in Ayurvedic system of medicine being a holistic approach to mankind, it not only treats the disease but treats the patients mentally as well as physically.


Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya


Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya was one of India’s leading Ayurvedic physicians. Being a staunch advocate of Ayurvedic Herbal products and medicines,
he represented Ayurveda and Indian science at numerous global conferences. In keeping with his commitment to Ayurveda, he had treated more than
300 patients a day and consulted more than 9000 patients across India and 3000 patients across the UK and Germany via post.

Dr. Vaidya touched the lives of thousands of patrons through his Ayurvedic expertise and medicines and garnered a legendary reputation amongst his patients.
He was devoted to their wellbeing and thus, never charged a Consulting Fee to his patients.

At Dr. Vaidya’s, we endeavour to carry forward his legacy of serving our patients
with the same passion through our chain of physical and online ayurvedic medical stores in Mumbai.


What Is Ayurveda?

Much before allopathy and homeopathy, an ancient science called Ayurveda arose. Ayurveda is the science of healing with herbs, fruits and minerals from nature’s bounty. It is one of the oldest scientific medical systems in the world, with a long record of clinical experience of famous Ayurvedic sages like Dhanvantri,…...READ MORE

How Is Ayurveda Different From Allopathic/Modern Medicines?

Modern medicines treat and remove symptoms in the short term rather than the root cause of patient suffering. Ayurveda on the other hand, makes special contributions by addressing the uniqueness of each patient and by helping each body to heal from the root cause of the ailment. Thus, Ayurveda looks…...READ MORE

Who is Dr. N D Vaidya?

Dr. Natoobhai D. Vaidya, G.F.A.M (Bom), was one of India’s most renowned Ayurvedic doctors. Like any other doctor, he ran his practice through a very successful clinic in Mumbai. During his prime, he had a practice of approximately 300 patients per day as well as a postal practice of more…...READ MORE