HIT the bottle a bit too hard? Feel as sick as a parrot?
Need an instant hangover cure?

Simply put, hangovers are a result of a drinking binge the previous night. When we consume more alcohol than our livers can handle, a toxic substance called acetaldehyde builds up. As the acetaldehyde accumulates because the liver is unable to process it quickly, it enters the bloodstream causing toxic effects on the brain, stomach, and liver, which, in turn, result in nausea, gastric pain, and a headache – the symptoms of a hangover. You wake up the next day in a constant search for hangover pills to take this pain away.

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Arogyavardhini Ras

Better Known as an Ayurvedic liver toner, Arogyavardhini Ras has the power to protect and regenerate damaged liver cells.


Kalmegh Ghan, a mixture of Kalmegh and Neem leaves, has natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis.

The Magic behind how LIVitup works

Do your future self a favor by popping two LIVitup hangover relief pills before your first drink and say goodbye to hangovers. LIVitup is made from premium all-natural ingredients used traditionally for the treatment of alcohol addicts and sufferers of liver cirrhosis thus helping your body in expelling the bad stuff out sooner.

Consuming a LIVitup capsule provides the nutrients your body needs after a night of revelry to break down the acetaldehyde alcohol produces. Additionally, it helps in protecting your liver by defending it against inflammation and ridding the body of a minor alcohol withdrawal.

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Alcohol - A Necessary Evil?

Acetaldehyde is toxic and is involved in alcoholic liver disease. Besides, it's also a carcinogen and therefore related to alcohol-related cancer as well. Prolonged consumption of alcohol can result in acetaldehyde corroding the liver lining, which leads to long-term liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the loss of liver cells and the scarring of the liver, which proves to be permanent. In addition to consuming tablets to cure hangovers, one must also think about protecting the liver in the long-run.

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Introducing LlVitup, The Anti Hangover Pl

Filled with head-pounding and body-aching regret the morning after drinking? That’s why we created LIVitup – a hangover prevention pill with a whole host of body- loving ingredients which is undoubtedly the best cure for a hangover. What more, our anti-hangover pill also doubles up as a long-term liver protector.

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Hangover Prevention Pl

The next time you hit the bottle too hard, we have the best hangover cure tablet for all occasions. Our specially put-together hangover kit comprises of all party- essentials such Eno, TicTacs, Eyedrops, Alka Seltzer tablets, along with any other products you deem necessary to ensure the next day is at least somewhat less horrendous. We can even create a customized Batwa bag as per your specifications which will serve as a hangover kit, designed to drive your hangover blues away!

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LlVitup at Weddings

Weddings and LIVitup go hand in hand. If you overdo it with the margaritas or Corona beers, LIVitup is your ideal hangover cure relieving you of the pain and discomfort of a pulsating headache. It helps nourish your body and replenishes electrolytes lost due to alcohol consumption.

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LlVitup for the workplace

Drinking and having the time of your life in the middle of the week sounds risky and adventurous. However, with LIVitup Hangover shield you no longer have to cancel a weekday partying plan with your friends fearing a booze backlash. Our proprietary formula will help perk you up and get you up and about, ready for work, full of vigor and energy.

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Old school Hangover Remedies

Bid adieu to age-old hangover remedies such as drinking a cup of coffee or stuffing yourself with unhealthy, fatty food. LIVItup is your one-stop solution for your hangover woes as it’s an Ayurvedic, natural, hangover medicine that prevents the occurrence of a hangover while also protecting your liver in the long-run.

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ayurvedic products
ayurvedic medicine
ayurvedic products
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