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What are the best period pain tablets?

by Dr. Surya Bhagwati on Jan 25, 2022

What are the best period pain tablets?

Period pain is something women have to deal with from puberty to menopause. This period pain can range from mild discomfort to extreme debilitating pain. While allopathy has many OTC pain killers for period pain, they cause long-term issues in the body after consistent long-term use. Fortunately, Ayurved has some side-effect-free period pain tablets that also resolve your period pain problem from a long-term perspective. These can include natural herbs as well as period pain tablets.

Let’s explore all your options for fighting period pain and find the best period pain tablets or capsules that can bring you long-term relief from period pain.

Tablets and drugs to ease period pain

Tablets to ease period pain

Let’s look at the commonly available OTC drugs for period pain and some home remedies:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are one of the most commonly available OTC drugs for period pain. They can lower your menstrual pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. Ibuprofen and Naproxen are popular NSAIDs medicine for period pain. However, they can cause serious health issues in the long term. Abusive use of OTC pain killers can affect your liver and kidneys in the long run.
  • Period pain tablets with Ayurvedic herbs can help ease period pain and improve period wellness. These medicine for period health help regulate hormone balance, reduce pain, and combat stress.
  • Home remedies for period pain include exercising, yoga, meditation and more. You can try remedies at home to help reduce period pain and cramps. Here’s a blog with a detailed list of home remedies for period pain.

Key ingredients in Ayurvedic period pain tablets

There are tablets available in Ayurved that contain key herbs which are beneficial in easing your period pain.

  • Ashoka: Hormonal balance plays an important role in your period pain. Period pain can occur when your hormonal balance is disrupted. Ashoka helps to restore your hormonal balance and regulates your period cycle.
  • Dashmool: This is one of the best pain-relieving herbs that is found in nature. Dashmool can help reduce your period pain and can also reduce the discomfort it causes.
  • Kumari (Aloe Vera): This plantis used in several medicines as it is blessed with many health benefits. It contributes towards regulating your monthly menstrual cycle and supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Lodhara: This herb can constrict the blood vessels and thus it can be used to control heavy menstrual bleeding.

What's the best period pain tablet?

best ayurvedic period pain tablet

Dealing with period pain can be quite stressful but the right medicine can help ease your period pain.

Compared to OTC pain killers, Ayurvedic medicine like Dr. Vaidya’s Pain Wellness is a better choice.

Ayurvedic medicines for period pain are specially formulated to help ease period pain while supporting period health. They can also be used every month without fear of side effects. You can even take period pain medicine when on your period to help with the period cramps.

The advantage of Ayurved here is that the herbs used help stabilize the hormone levels naturally, improving the root cause of the period pain. What this means is that Ayurvedic Period Wellness medicine can provide a long-term, safe, and natural relief from period pain.

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