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How to Improve Sex Life and Tips to have Good Sex

by Dr. Surya Bhagwati on Sep 29, 2022

How to Improve Sex Life

Good sex doesn't just happen—you have to work at it. For starters, you need to pay attention to what you and your partner like when it comes to lovemaking. The Indian book of sex, Kamasutra, says that the two sexes experience pleasure differently, so what might turn you on might be a complete turn-off for your partner. Sex is an art, and only practice makes you a master, so don't shy away from trying new positions and techniques. 

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10 Tips on How to Improve Sex Life

Here are some tips on how to improve your sex life:

1. Communication is Key to Improve Sex Life

Talk about what you like while having sex as well as your dislikes. And even if you're not totally comfortable talking about it, use your body language to give the other person hints. But make sure you communicate your thoughts to him or her because this is the only way that can lead you to a better sex life. Let your partner know about your fetishes and desires as it will only make you feel more comfortable in bed.

2. Lubrication is Key to Have Good Sex

Don't be a prude and use lubricants during your intercourse. Semen and vaginal lubrication are the body's natural lubricants, but to make your sex life more pleasurable and fun, use some other lubes too. A lubricant for vaginal dryness helps prevent irritation, so that you can enjoy sex for longer.

3. Educate on Female Orgasm

During the female climax, her vaginal muscles squeeze and spasm, making her pelvic floor muscles contract around the G-spot, which can be found on the upper wall of the vagina, about one inch from the entrance of the vagina. Knowing how women orgasm helps women understand their bodies, which will ultimately lead to them taking responsibility for their sexual pleasure. Explore her clitoris—the smaller bulbous part of the external genitalia—by sliding your finger up and down or side to side over her clitoral shaft to make her orgasm. Be creative! Sometimes do the tongue action directly while sometimes fingers can do the trick or try both at the same time. What works for you, works for you!

4. Explore Male Erogenous Zones

Are you having a hard time getting your guy in the mood? Even if he seems totally "into it" and loves having sex with you, some guys still don't like to talk about it. His penis is not the only erogenous zone on his body. Your man likes having his nipples played with, kissing on his nape and much more. If you want to make him wild, then you have to become a sex goddess who will leave him completely out of his mind while exploring his sex zones like his armpits, balls, ears, and thighs.

5. Reduce Stress to Improve Sex Life

Stress can be a buzzkill when it gets in the way of enjoying yourself and relaxing with your partner. Stress can have a very negative effect on your sex life as it increases the levels of the hormone cortisol, which makes us feel anxious and tense, giving rise to sexual anxiety. Find ways to relieve stress in your daily life and in your relationship, whether it be a massage or a walk in the park. You can also find Ayurvedic medicine for stress-related performance problems.

6. Try New Positions to Have Good Sex

Doing the same thing daily can easily make you go - Bleh! So switch things up and explore new sexual positions together. It can be a great way to get your partner excited and engage them mentally during sex. Some common positions to try are missionary, doggy style, girl on top, or a new alternative such as the butterfly or X-factor.

7. Foreplay is Crucial

Couples need to take the time to get to know each other sexually in order for good sex to happen. Foreplay is the most important part of having great sex, and most partners enjoy foreplay more than penetration itself. Take the time to get to know each other's bodies through foreplay and never underestimate the power of good foreplay on orgasm. Plus, the longer the foreplay, the longer you actually have sex! It is an excellent way to know about how to stay hard for long.

8. Do Kegel Exercises

These Kegel exercises, which can be done anywhere at any time, will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and these exercises help both men and women achieve better control over their orgasms.

9. Try Natural Remedies

It is always better to try natural aphrodiasacs such as herbal remedies or the gem Shilajit, which will help to restore libido and sexual desire and passion in both men and women. There are various other herbs that help to counter sexual problems. Try them out! Dr. Vaidya's Shilajit Gold is a great way to boost your stamina, vigor, and power during sex.

10. Tease and Play

Don't just lie there with your hands folded! Tease and play! Squeeze a little body lotion all over your partner or make it dirty with some chocolate syrup. The creative possibilities to tease your partner are endless and the pleasure it gives is worth the effort for both of you.

11. Press the reset button on your sex life

Couples who find themselves in a sexual rut are not alone. Despite the fact that dry spells are a typical part of any relationship, this is no consolation for couples who are suffering one. "Familiarity is the demise of the sex urge”, "As our familiarity with a partner increases, sex becomes less exciting."

Herbal Medicine for Sexually Long Time by Dr. Vaidya:

Herbo24Turbo: Male Power Capsules 

Herbo24Turbo is packed with potent Ayurvedic herbs with rasaya properties, such as ashwagandha and shilajit, among others. These herbs have been shown to increase testosterone levels and promote cardiorespiratory endurance, resulting in increased performance and virility. In India, these power capsules have helped thousands of men experience improve strength, power, and stamina. 

Mood Boost: Ayurvedic Medicine for Female Excitement

Mood Boost is a potent aphrodisiac for ladies that comprises extracts from over ten different herbs, including jayphal, javantri, sunth, and kapur kachli. These capsules for female excitation have a carefully prepared combination of herbs that assist control hormone levels naturally and exert adaptogenic effects. Mood Boost is a female medication that improves women's health and reduces stress.

Conclusion on How to Improve Sex Life

Sex is a lot of effort than you imagine but the pleasure you and your partner enjoy can be just as great. Follow these tips and try to learn and master the art of lovemaking!


How can I regenerate my sex life?

[Studies have shown that many men and women experience a loss of libido (sex drive) at some point in their lives. There are also a lot of other reasons for it.

How to rekindle your libido in 7 easy steps?

  • Improve your hormonal balance
  • Just kick the bottle (reduce alcohol intake)
  • Cheer up!... Take it easy!...And relax
  • Make plans but be in the moment
  • Go the extra mile
  • Practice helps you get better.
How many times sex in a week is healthy?

Once per week is a common norm, according to experts. This statistic varies significantly with age: 40- to 50-year-olds are likely to fall within this range, whereas 20- to 30-year-olds tend to have sex twice a week on average.

What is a healthy sex life?

You know you have a healthy sex life when you are acceptance of one another's imperfections and eccentricities, go for date nights which are fun, have respect for one another, and have genuine physical attraction for one another.

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