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5 Easy-to-make Weight Gain Shakes for Females

by Dr. Surya Bhagwati on Mar 03, 2022

5 Easy-to-make Weight Gain Shakes for Females

Weight Gain Shakes for Females is a great way to reach a healthy weight without relying on fast foods. In this blog, you will get access to 5 weight gain shakes that are not only simple & delicious but also adhere to ancient Ayurvedic teachings about healthy weight gain.

These days, the media puts a lot of emphasis on losing weight. But the fact of the matter is that being underweight and anaemic can cause several health problems. This is why doctors recommend that you maintain a healthy weight, based on your age, gender, height, and general health.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, if you are weak, anaemic, or underweight, there may be a problem with your metabolism. A healthy metabolism will help you reach a healthy weight by either promoting weight loss or weight gain, depending on your current body weight.

This is where ayurvedic weight gain powders and medicine come into the picture. They help stimulate the metabolism and promote healthy weight gain. Ayurvedic Chyawanprash can also help promote your metabolism for healthy weight gain.

You can include Ayurvedic weight gainers in your Weight Gain Shakes for Females for a healthy and natural boost to your body weight.

How to Pick the Best Weight Gain Shakes for Females?

When it comes to picking the best weight gain shake, you need to keep in mind that the ingredients have to be healthy, yet calorie-dense. Also, while many other blogs promote using ice cream and chocolate as ingredients in weight gain shakes for females, Ayurveda suggests against these ingredients.

What should weight gain shakes for women contain?

  • Vegetables like carrots, spirulina, and chickpeas
  • Fruits like avocado, bananas, and apples
  • Dairy products like full-fat Greek yoghurt, heavy cream, and whole milk
  • Nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and Brazil nuts
  • Grains like muesli, buckwheat, and whole oats
  • Add ons like weight gain powder, jaggery, and honey

What should you avoid when preparing your shake for gaining weight?

When it comes to ingredients to avoid when making your weight gain shakes, sugar is the biggest one to avoid. Sugar can promote weight gain, but it isn’t the healthy kind. It also can worsen other health problems like diabetes. Additionally, foods like chocolate and ice cream that are loaded with sugar should also be avoided.

Now let’s jump to the 5 delicious weight gain shakes for females.

Top 5 Weight Gain Shakes for Females

1. Banana & Walnut Weight Gain Shake

This shake is great since it requires just a few ingredients, making it very convenient to make. It also has a lot of healthy calories that will help you naturally gain weight.

Ingredients for this weight gain shake include mixed berries, bananas, chopped walnuts, and whole milk.

2. Oats, Almond Milk & Berry Weight Gain Shake

This shake has all the nutrients you need in ample quantity and its ingredients are protein-rich, making it a great option for increasing muscle mass. So if you want to gain some lean muscle, try the oats almond milk berry weight gain shake along with taking an ayurvedic muscle gainer and following a regular exercise routine.

Ingredients for this weight gain shake include almond milk, oats, bananas, strawberries, honey, and weight gain powder.

3. Green Spinach & Avocado Protein Shake

Spinach (palak) comes with many health benefits that include improving digestion and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Avocados are rich in healthy fats and fibre, promoting weight gain and metabolism.

Ingredients for this weight gain shake include coconut milk, Greek yoghurt, avocado, spinach, almond butter, and chia seeds.

4. Banana & Apple Shake for Weight Gain

This simple but high-calorie shake is one of the best weight gain shakes for females as it consists of a high amount of carbs. Bananas and apples also help strengthen the immune system, protecting you from infections and other ailments.

Ingredients for this weight gain shake include oats, bananas, whole milk, apples, and protein powder.

5. ​Tropical Weight Gain Shake

If you want a fruity weight gain shake that’s as tasty as it is effective at promoting weight gain, try the tropical weight gain shake. When making the shake, remember to use fresh fruit for the best tasting shake.

Ingredients for this weight gain shake include coconut water, Greek yoghurt, cashews, pineapple, mango, and dates.

How effective are Weight Gain Shakes for Females?

In Ayurveda, it is said that aahar (food) should be based on their own body and dosha. A person can prevent many diseases and live a healthy life just by following a healthy and balanced diet according to their own needs.

Consuming foods like milk, meat, nuts, dried fruits, whole grain bread, fish, dark chocolate, cereal bars, rice, potatoes, cheese, eggs, etc will help you in healthily gaining weight.

However, you must combine a good diet with exercise to get the best results. Lifestyle (vihaar) plays a great role in an individual’s wellbeing. Hence, to live a healthy life one must always look after their physical health as well as mental health.

In Ayurveda, the way to treat many ailments and health problems is through chikitsha (medication). It also focuses on improving general health with chikitsha. Popular ayurvedic products for natural weight gain include Dr. Vaidya’s Appetite booster pack and weight gain powder. These Ayurveda-based products help promote natural weight gain.

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