Ayurvedic Medicine for Headache & Migraine

Dr. Vaidya’s offers you a whole collection of natural medications to get quick relief from headaches and migraines. Whether caused by stress, inflammation, sinusitis, sleep deprivation, or migraines, Dr. Vaidya’s products can help relieve all kinds of headaches. As Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurvedic medicine for migraine and headache are only made using high quality natural herbal ingredients and contain no added chemicals, they are a safe alternative to OTC headache medications.

Dr. Vaidya’s Collection of Ayurvedic Medicines for Migraine Headache:

Migrox Capsules – Medicine for Headache & Migraine Relief

Migrox capsules is an Ayurvedic medicine for migraine pain and headaches is made from herbal ingredients like goudanti, jatamansi, nagarmotha, brahmi, and ashwagandha, among others. These herbs work in combination to fight headaches and migraines with their strong anti-inflammatory effect, also relieving blood vessel dilation. These Ayurvedic tablets for migraine are regarded as the best Ayurvedic medicine for migraine as they provide the same benefits of conventional medications without the risk of side effects. Migrox is the most important product in our migraine pack.

Rumox Pain Balm – Ayurvedic Balm for Headache Relief

Rumox Pain Balm is an Ayurvedic balm for pain relief that has an instant soothing effect. Although primarily used to manage musculoskeletal conditions that cause chronic pain like arthritis, it is also effective at relieving headaches. Because of its relaxing effect on muscles, it is particularly helpful in dealing with headaches and migraines triggered by muscular tension and muscle stress in the shoulders, neck, or back. The Ayurvedic balm contains more than 5 herbal ingredients with proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic benefits, including punarnava, daruhaldar, and chitrakmul.

Note: All of Dr. Vaidya’s products are formulated using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern scientific research. As these products only contain natural ingredients with a proven efficacy, they are regarded as free of side effects and may be used for extended periods to cope with a range of arthritic symptoms.