What Medicine to Take When You Have Cold?

What Medicine to Take When You Have Cold?

Cold and cough can be very annoying and it always adds to our stress and causes hindrance to our work. A slight change in weather or the pollution in the air can cause cold and congestion and many times cold medicine do not work as well. A common cold is a respiratory tract infection that may be caused because of the entrance of certain viruses in the body. Getting a quick relief becomes really important for a person and these natural medicines are the best to get rid of cold instantly. These natural are safe and have no possible side effects. They are equally effective and easily available to you.

Natural Home Remedies for Treating Cold

cold medicineSaltwater: Saltwater is an epitome to cold. Gargling with lukewarm salt water may help you and give you an instant relief. It’s a natural medicine that may decrease the severity of cold symptoms as well. Gargling will ease the sore throat pain and the nasal congestion as it reduces and loosens mucus, which contains bacteria and allergens, which is the main cause of the cold. Just mix a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of lukewarm water. Swish it around your mouth and throat. Then spit it out. This cold medicine will give you immediate relief.


cold medicineGinger: We all familiar with the numerous health benefits that ginger and its roots have. Its curative properties can heal the common cold as well and that too very effectively. If you chop an inch of raw ginger root and boil it with water then it can be an amazing anecdote to your cold problems, cough or a sore throat. Ginger tea has been used for several years to cure a cold and is one of the healthiest ways to do it. Drink the mixture two times a day and get relief instantly.



cold medicineVitamin C: Food items like oranges, cauliflower, lemons, broccoli, strawberries, cabbage, peaches, kiwi, tomatoes, and parsley are rich in Vitamin C and can help you with curing the cold and congestion. Vitamin C is known as one of the most effective natural home remedies for cold as it increases the production of white blood cells and also helps in preventing the multiplication of viruses. It also reduces mucus and inflammation in the nasal passageways and hence is an ultimate cold medicine.  Though there is an abundance of choices of food rich in Vitamin C you can take vitamin C in a pill form also.



cold medicineNatural Honey: Honey also has been used as a cold medicine for ages now and is known for its variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Taking honey with tea mixed with lemon can ease sore throat pain quickly and effectively. It is an effective cough suppressant and raw honey can be operational in marginalizing the lifespan of a cold. When you consume honey, it soothes and coats the throat passage and also helps in getting a better sleep at night.


Cinnamon: This Ayurvedic products is helpful in easing the pain of a dry or a sore throat and cure a cold in the most natural way. Just boil one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a glass of water and drink the mixture. You can also add a little pepper powder and raw honey for more powerful effect.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Cold

ayurvedic medicine for coldHerbokold: This Ayurvedic medicine for cold by Dr. Vaidya’s is the perfect combination of natural herbs like Taj, Elaichi, and pepper is a perfect solution to the stringent cold that you have. Taj helps in curing ailments like treat blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, high blood pressure, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, flatulence and kidney disorders. Elaichi helps in curing congestion of lungs and other pulmonary diseases. And pepper builds a person’s immunity and hence is a key ingredient of this Ayurvedic medicine for a cold. Just take one tbsp. of this Ayurvedic medicine for cold three times a day with honey and experience the change. Get your pack of the Ayurvedic medicine for cold, Herbokold, now to get rid of cold without the side effects.

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