Best Pain Balm in the Market for Quick Relief

Best Pain Balm in the Market for Quick Relief

Joint pain or arthritis has become a major problem for people and this pain on a regular basis can be very strenuous and disturbing. A simple aching spot can very easily turn into a major pain and make your normal active life a little hard to live. A person then switches to medicines but apart from that one more effective way to get instant relief is by applying external pain relief gels, sprays and creams or Pain Balm. They give are a feeling of cooling sensation while they relax the tissues that are causing pain. It is a great option for all sorts of pain and keeps you away from muscle damage. One must look for specific ingredients in a balm and an ayurvedic pain relief balm is the best option to use. It has no side effects like skin burning or rashes and is more effective than any other pain balm. Dr. Vaidya’s ayurvedic pain relief balm, Rumox is one the top Ayurvedic products as it has the following ingredients that help you get relief from the pain in any body part.

Benefits of the Ingredients that are used in the Rumox

pain relief balmMenthol: The minty taste, the freshness, the many good properties of menthol is what makes it the key ingredient in the Ayurvedic pain balm. It is a chemical compound used for its cooling sensation that it gives when applied onto the skin. Menthol has a counter-irritant feeling and it blocks the pain signals to reach the brain hence keeping you away from feeling the pain. So when the pain balm that has menthol-infused in it is applied, your pain calmed with the cooling sensation associated with menthol. Menthol is good for pain in the lower back, arthritis and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


pain relief balmCamphor: Camphor is widely used in India for its natural healing properties. Camphor is derived from the camphor laurel tree which is a large evergreen tree mainly found in Asia. The true country of origin remains a bit of a mystery. This Ayurvedic medicine ingredient is famous for its pain relieving qualities. Camphor helps in soothing the pain of sore muscles and arthritis pain. Just like Menthol it is also a counter-irritant and numbs the nerve ends when applying directly on to the skin. The nerve endings no longer are able to transmit the sensation of pain, hence helping you get relief from the pain. Because camphor is highly volatile and readily absorbed through the skin, it acts fast and produces a cool sensation on the skin. The ingredient is used in pain balm as it acts as a mild anesthetic on the applied area.

pain relief balmTurpentine: Turpentine oil is another key ingredient in pain relief balm. The oil is made by cooking wood pulp, steaming distillation of shredded pine, or from the distillation of the exudates of tapped pine trees and is very majorly used oil. This oil when applied in the skin give a warm sensation and that helps relieve the pain in the tissues underneath. Turpentine oil is used to get relief from the pain like joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, and toothaches. Just rubbing a few drops of the oil can help you get relief from the pain instantly and that is the reason why it is an important ingredient in our pain balm.



Ayurvedic Pain BalmWintergreen: It is an herb that has been used for its medicinal uses as its leaves and oil have healing properties.  This ingredient is used in the Ayurvedic pain balm as it has numbing properties. It is a very effective herb for painful conditions including nerve pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc. Wintergreen leaves can be made into a paste and applied onto the skin directly to get help for achy joints (rheumatism), sore muscles, and lower back pain as well. Its oil also acts as a counter-irritant and helps reduce swelling in the tissues.


Ayurvedic Pain BalmEucalyptus oil: Known for its many uses, this oil can help you get relief from pain as well. In a pain balm, this oil acts as the ingredient which has the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on pain and helps soothe drained aching muscles. This oil also acts as a natural vasodilator so when applied to the skin, it helps to widen blood vessels that in return help in improving blood circulation. This improved blood circulation is important for the free flow of blood to the muscles for it to be strong as it carries the important nutrients the muscles needs and hence keeps you away from the pain.


Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm

Pain balm

Rumox by Dr. Vaidya’s is an Ayurvedic pain balm that has all these key ingredients infused in the right balance. The pain balm promises to keep any joint pain away with its simple application. It is the best pain balm available in the market and has no side effects or delayed results. Just rub this ayurvedic pain relief balm on the affected area once or twice a day and say goodbye to the pain and live a relaxed, pain-free life. Get your pack right here.

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